honey breadThe recent recipe for Paleo muffins proved to be very popular, so I am posting another no grain recipe I use frequently in our home! This particular honey bread recipe that is also Paleo friendly features coconut flour instead of nut or bean flours.

Using coconut flour to make baked goods results in a consistency similar to Sara Lee pound cake.

Nature’s Best Mosquito Control

by Sarah Pope MGA Comments: 11Green Living

best mosquito controlA few years ago, I took my children to a summer program at the local library put on by the Florida Bat Conservancy.  For those of you unfamiliar with the habits of our winged mammalian cousins, bats spend their days sleeping in a warm, enclosed space (like a dead tree trunk) and come out at dusk to start feasting on insects all night long. 

organic is a meaningless food label?When my husband and I began eating organic produce and meats back in the early 1990’s, the word “organic” was almost a sacred word in the food industry.   It represented whole foods with no additives or fillers.    Organic meats typically came from small family farms where animals were treated in a fashion that allowed them to express the individuality of their species.  

kombuchaKombucha is arguably one of the hottest beverage trends to sweep the world in recent years. The discussion, recipe, and video demonstrations below provide all the information you need to understand kombucha benefits to health and how to make this tasty probiotic beverage in your home.

The traditional probiotic drink made from fermented tea originated in China and then Russia.

pepitasOne of the most enjoyable aspects of eating a salad is the bit of crunchiness that the croutons add to each bite. What to do if you are avoiding grain based carbs for weight control or other health reasons?

Perhaps you simply do not want to consume these highly processed bits of dried bread.

As you might expect, my family doesn’t tend to go overboard with the treats on holidays where the indulgence of everything sweet typically runs rampant in households with kids. With yet another candy filled holiday coming up soon, I found myself pondering how to best fill the kids’ Easter baskets with healthy treats without guaranteeing myself a house full of sniffles.

microwave oven dangersIt’s interesting what people notice sometimes. In my last video blog, I posted a clip of me in the kitchen whipping up some homemade mayonnaise. One of the comments I received by email about the video asked me if I used my microwave, as this appliance features so prominently behind me as I am mixing up the mayo. 

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