strawberryMy husband was given some strawberries from a local farmer in Riverview, Florida last week.    This farmer was giving away beautiful, ripe strawberries to all his neighbors and friends as he was preparing to plow his fields under with all the strawberries still on the plants.   Yes, you read that right.  This farmer had chosen to to turn his entire crop of strawberries into dirt –

strep b testOne potential hazard that Moms may face during labor and delivery is the use of IV antibiotics for Group B Strep (GBS) infections.

At around 35-37 weeks gestation, pregnant woman are routinely given a swab test that determines if they are infected with Group B Strep, a bacterium that approximately one in every three women carry in their vagina.

This recipe and video lesson features how to make homemade protein cookies that your family is sure to love.

This particular protein cookie recipe is really vanilla or cocoa macaroons without the shredded coconut added. Although I enjoy the flavor of coconut, I don’t prefer the texture in a cookie (and neither does the rest of my family),

almond flour pancakesI devised this recipe for almond flour pancakes one Friday night some years ago when my husband and I got the late night munchies. I recommend a food processor (doesn’t have to be a Vitamix) rather than a grain grinder to make almond flour due to the oiliness of the nuts. Grain grinders don’t work very well for grinding most nuts,

healthy fatsWhen folks ask me for advice on how to change their diet for the better, I tell them that the quickest way to improve their health and just feel amazingly better in general (like, feel better tomorrow – that’s how fast this works) is to get the right healthy fats into their diet and the wrong (factory) fats out. 

The PB&J Experiment

by Sarah Pope MGA Comments: 5Healthy Living

pb&j uncrustableLast Friday, all the kids were off school, so we packed up the car and went over to our local YMCA Youth Center to spend the afternoon.  That particular afternoon, the Youth Center was hosting an Easter egg hunt with food and treats for the kids (I didn’t know this before we arrived, else I would have brought my own snacks!!).    

advanced kombucha recipeDo you already make a basic kombucha recipe, but wish you could easily make more than a gallon at a time? If so, this advanced kombucha recipe plus video series is for you!

The technique I’ve developed for brewing many gallons of kombucha at once involves making a sweetened tea concentrate that you can use to make as many gallons as you like in a single batch.

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