The Truth about Soup

by Sarah Pope MGA Comment: 1Healthy Living

Soup is perceived by just about everyone as the quintessential healthy food. This reputation is well deserved. Soup truly is a wonder food IF it is made traditionally. I will go into how to make soup properly in a moment. But first, let me tell you how NOT to make it.

Restaurants typically make their “homemade”

adrenal exhaustion at workI’ve found myself in conversations about adrenal exhaustion with a number of friends lately. These 6 little known symptoms of adrenal fatigue, in particular, are usually overlooked.

It seems that everywhere you go, folks are having trouble with their hormones. It doesn’t seem to matter if the person is male or female;

mammogramI once asked my 78 year old Mother why she has never had a mammogram. Her answer startled me. She told me that it made no sense to her to screen for breast cancer with a test that actually causes breast cancer! If only our conventional medical community made decisions using this much common sense!

A primary goal for any Healthy Home Economist is to produce nutritious, home cooked meals for her family. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, “nutritious” is a word that is bandied about with such abandon these days in the media that the public is almost completely fooled about what “nutritious” truly means.

Let me define nutritious in very easy to understand terms.

mexican corn preparationThe second part of my blog about Mexican food concerns proper preparation of corn. See the first part about Mexican bean preparation.

Corn is a grain (sorry kids, corn on the cob doesn’t count as a veggie!) and as such, requires careful preparation so as to maximize nutrition and neutralize antinutrients.

mexican refried beansWhen someone mentions the words “Mexican food” to me, I immediately think of a dish that is comprised primarily of corn and beans. Of course, there are many other ingredients in Mexican food, but these two stick in my mind as the primary ones. I have always loved the taste of Mexican food, but only ate it occasionally as it didn’t settle all that well in my stomach.

Like most Healthy Home Economists, I do my best to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. While certainly not ever perfect, one main goal of living this way is to feel and do my very best every single day. A second goal is to avoid the health depleting effects of pharmaceuticals like antibiotics as a healthy immune system offers excellent protection from the need to medicate most illnesses.

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