Fresh, Local Food at Walmart??

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A new member of the local buying club I coordinate recently sent me these pictures of the poultry aisle in a WalMart Super Center in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Her daughter is shown smiling in wonderment in the second photo at a picture of chicken feet that are included in a package of chicken pieces!

This Walmart also offered fresh fish right from the Pacific courtesy of local fisherman and a bakery and produce section to rival any farmers’ market!
Ah, if only the Walmarts in the USA offered such an incredible selection of local foods!
chicken feet
Unfortunately, most Americans regard chicken feet as something to be discarded (chicken feet from the USA are shipped to China or ground into parts for animal feed).   This is such a shame as this very nutritious part of the chicken is loaded with natural gelatin!   Gelatin is colloidal in nature which means that it attracts digestive juices unlike other cooked foods which repel digestive juices.    Raw foods are also colloidal in nature which explains why raw foods for the most part are so much easier to digest than their cooked counterparts.

Gelatin protects the digestive system from any invasion of pathogens.   It prevents these pathogens from attaching themselves to the gut wall.   In other words, eating foods with natural gelatin will frequently protect you from food poisoning as well as intestinal bugs that may be going around.

Soups and sauces made with homemade bone broths that include gelatinous parts like chicken feet are part of a nutrient dense diet that will go a very long way toward protecting your digestion from any unwelcome invaders!
Gelatin is also a very important part of recovery from food borne illness.  If you or someone you love is having trouble keeping food down or having an issue with diarrhea, homemade broth loaded with gelatin can stop these symptoms in their tracks!    Hint:  sipping a few ounces every half hour or so works much better than a full cup once or twice a day.
One final plus about gelatin:  it is a protein sparer which means that eating it allows you to eat much less meat in your diet and still be healthy!    This is very helpful in keeping food costs at a reasonable level as quality meat is typically the most expensive line item in the food budget.
So, if you buy your poultry locally and I certainly hope that you do, make sure to ask your farmer for the feet!
Here’s a great post by Kelly The Kitchen Kop on her experience with chicken feet if you are new to using this part of the chicken!
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