Evos: Healthy Fast Food?

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My family went to Evos for lunch today. It was my first (and last) time there. Perhaps you’ve heard of the catchy marketing phrase they use … “feel great fast food”. Here’s the website in case you want to take a look: http://evos.com/

Yikes! I did not find this food either tasty or “feel great” at all! I ordered the Spicy Thai chicken (hormone free) wrap. It had absolutely no taste! The peanut sauce was so bland they might as well have put no sauce in there at all. It was also quite dry and the spinach wrap tasted like cardboard. To their credit, the chicken was very tender and delicious. Unfortunately, the rest of the wrap was so tasteless I ended up taking out the chicken and eating that by itself. Problem was, there was hardly any chicken in it! I ditched 70% of the wrap in the garbage can and was, of course, still hungry after eating the few bites of chicken.
My kids and husband got the free range steakburger. I was astonished at how “unburgerish” the meat patty looked. I only use organic, grassfed beef in our home (Grateful Harvest), and this certainly did not look grassfed. I don’t even know what “free range” beef is, to tell you the truth! I’ve never heard of it before going to Evos. Must be just another marketing slogan that is not rooted in the realities of grassfed farming!
The fries tasted ok, but I didn’t perceive any difference in the oils that they used. Indisputably, the healthiest and tastiest oil for making fries is tallow, and Evos clearly did not use that. They used some sort of vegetable oil from the brick it formed in my stomach. Using vegetable oil for frying is a big no-no, as vegetable oils become rancid at the high temperatures required for frying. So, even if an establishment says that partially hydrogenated oils are not used, it is just as health damaging if plain old vegetable oil is used. The new process edible oil manufacturers are using instead of hydrogenization is called interesterification. Surprise, surprise .. it’s just as heart unhealthy as hydrogenization of vegetable oil. Here is a great link that discusses this issue in depth:
All in all, my first and last Evos experience was quite forgettable!
If you want a truly healthy burger, try Burger Monger instead!  Here’s my review of this top rated burger chain founded in Tampa, Florida.
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