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I was contacted out of the blue a few weeks ago by a lady who is working with a group of students at our local University to produce a PBS documentary on healthy eating.   She became aware of my blog through another video project I am currently working on and was wondering if I would participate in the production of their documentary.

I was a bit overwhelmed at first wondering if I had the chops for such a project.  After all, my only credentials include a series of cooking classes I’ve taught in my home and in healthfood stores as well as the Real Food videos produced for my blog.

Rachel Ray I am most definitely not!

A documentary for television was way out of my comfort zone, no doubt about it.

But, the chance to reach Mothers about how to cook healthy meals for their families and raise healthy children was too  much to resist.  I said yes with much trepidation and started thinking about what meal I could prepare that would teach the most lessons about Real Food in the very short amount of time I would have on screen given that the documentary covers healthy eating at other stages of life including the diet of single adults and retirees.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been back and forth by email and phone with the film crew to nail down what information I would cover and how the shoot was planned to unfold.

The time for shooting my segment finally arrived and this past Thursday, the crew filmed me shopping for the food to prepare the healthy meal for my family at a local healthfood store.  Then, on Friday, the crew came to my home and filmed me preparing the meal for my family start to finish.  I was also interviewed about why I bother to take the time to prepare nutritious meals for my family.

The documentary will be edited over the next few weeks and is scheduled to air on our local PBS station (WUSF, channel 16) sometime the end of April or early May.

The film crew will be providing me with a DVD of the documentary and I have their permission to feature pieces of it on my blog, so as soon as I am able, I will post my shopping, cooking, and interview segments.

Let’s hope my time was well spent in striking a positive blow for Real Food in my local community!


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