Eat Healthy While Traveling This Summer

by Sarah Pope MGA | Affiliate linksComments: 7

Eating well while traveling is a challenging endeavor indeed!   With summer vacation upon us, it is time once again to figure out how to relax and recoup while not at home without making oneself sick in the process!

My family never eats fast food or at cheap restaurants while on vacation, but it certainly takes dedication and planning to pull this one off effectively.  On our multi-week vacation last summer, I researched all the healthfood stores in every city where we would be staying for the entire journey and entered all the phone numbers/addresses into my cell phone for easy access while on the road.     Result?    No one got sick or even had a tummy ache the entire 2 weeks.   Whenever we felt a bit rundown for lack of the quality food from home, I would locate a healthfood store and we would replenish with raw veggie juice and a few bottles of GT Kombucha!

Eating Well on the Road Just Got a Little Easier

Wish there was a resource where you could easily plan your journey with all the healthy food stops along the way in mind?    This summer, we are all in luck and all that planning just got a little easier.

Organic Travel’s worldwide travel guides offer information regarding farmer’s markets, healthfood stores, healthy (and organic) restaurants, organic wineries, pesticide free parks, and other outdoor and natural attractions for where ever you will be visiting.     Guides also include information on smoke free hotels, organic farms, nature tours, wildlife viewing and healthy parks for camping.  Nearly 10,000 listings are available with these completely free, online guides.

I am relieved to finally find a resource online to make traveling just a little healthier.    No need to be programming out of town healthfood store phone numbers into my cell phone any longer!

 Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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