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A number of bloggers from around the blogosphere are doing similar posts today and tomorrow.   It’s called the “7 Link Challenge” and it highlights posts from our respective blogging pasts based on the following categories.   Hope you enjoy it – here we go …. !

Blog Post That I Enjoyed Writing the Most

I just love golf.   Right now, the British Open is going on over at St. Andrews in Scotland.   If you remember, during last year’s Open, veteran senior golfer Tom Watson led this major tournament a good share of the time.   My favorite blog post of all time was written on this very subject and how a golfer of Tom Watson’s advanced age could possibly contend with men so much younger.

Post That Had a Great Discussion

In early June of this year, I wrote a post calling for a ban of Organic Valley products based on the company’s hypocritical banning of raw milk sales by its member farms.   This blog post generated a firestorm of comments from consumers, farmers, and even an Organic Valley executive.   It was a great coming together and I enjoyed watching the conversation unfold.   Hope you did too!

My Most Helpful Post

Back in November 2009, I posted my very first videoblog showing folks how to make soup stock with the bones from the leftover Thanksgiving turkey.   I laugh when I watch this video as I was so very “bunny in the headlights” and very uncomfortable in front of the camera.   I got so much incredibly positive feedback from this video that I decided to launch weekly videoblogs just a few months later.    Looking back, I am so glad I swallowed my fear of the camera and took the leap to post this very clunky but helpful videoblog!

Post With a Title That I Am Most Proud Of

My blog titled “To Strep B or Not to Strep B, That is the Question” is the blog title I am most proud of.  It is a takeoff, of course, from Shakespeare’s “To Be or Not to Be” from the play Hamlet.    Hopefully, it wasn’t too over the top and other people also enjoyed the play on words!

Post That I Wish More People Had Read

One of my very first blog posts dealt with the dangers of eating boxed breakfast cereal.   I also posted a recipe for making your own, healthy version at home.   This topic is very important as so many people still unknowingly consume this toxic food every single morning without a clue as to its dangers.    My blog was still so new at that time that barely anyone read it, so maybe putting it on this list will get it a bit more airtime.

Did you enjoy this type of post?    If you have favorites from any of the categories above, please list them in the comments section – love the feedback!

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