macaAlmost any time an ancient superfood is discovered in some far flung part of the world, high atop a mountain or in some hidden valley or vale, soon the media will be abuzz with all the benefits which always seem to border on the magical. Maca is no exception!

Big Macs, Peruvian Style

If you love cooked or raw crucifers or have a special affection for kale smoothies you will probably already be inclined to like maca (Lepidium meyenii).

intellipillow on bedOne of the most common questions I receive about our intelliBED mattress (we have 4 of them … soon to be 5!) is actually not about the bed at all … it’s about the intelliPILLOW!

I’m guessing the reason is because Federal law prohibits the return of pillows, although the intelliBED itself offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

stainless steel cookwareStainless steel is a common and popular choice in cookware today. It is also erroneously assumed to be completely safe and without health risk by most who use it. Like cast iron pans and aluminum bakeware, however, there is a way to use stainless steel cookware safely and a way to use it foolishly.

wild rice milk in a glass One of the biggest problems with rice milk as a milk substitute is that it is basically a glassful of carbs. There is little to no redeeming nutritional value including a hugely imbalanced macronutrient profile. This means that there is no fat and little protein to balance out the high carbohydrate content.

healthy cheeseWhen you are looking to source quality, traditional foods, healthy cheese is certainly right up there at the top of the list! The interesting thing is that most consumers fail to ask the right questions before deciding which cheese to buy.

What do you actually need to look for when sourcing healthy cheese?

infrared saunaMy recent monthly newsletter which discussed our family’s near infrared sauna from SaunaSpace generated dozens of excited emails into my inbox. Apparently, many people are considering an infrared sauna for themselves to reap the myriad of health benefits bestowed by this traditional therapy.

Most of the questions I received in response indicated some confusion over the differences between near infrared (NIR) and far infrared (FIR) or “full spectrum”

hemp seed oilIf you google hemp seed oil, you will almost immediately get a positive impression. Search results produce a myriad of glowing accolades including the following: Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil That You Should Know and Ways Using Hemp Seed Oil Will Improve Your Health & Your Life.

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