induction stoveBuying a kitchen stove is a rare purchase most people make only a few times in a lifetime. Currently, the trend toward replacing electric cooktops with an induction stove is quite popular. Is this a wise purchase? Let’s take a look …

In our home, we purchased a glass top stove in 1997 when we completely remodeled the (very old) kitchen. 

gluten can be goodIf you’ve been interested in alternative health for any length of time, you have probably realized that a black and white approach to wellness is a recipe for disaster.

Successful health recovery is typically like the slow, methodical peeling of an onion with persistent, consistent lifestyle modifications to achieve incremental improvements.

mercury detox protocolSilver fillings, also called amalgams, are one of the most toxic and health damaging dental materials ever developed. Made up of approximately 50% liquid mercury with the remainder a powdered combination of silver, tin, copper, zinc and other metals, amalgams lodged in a person’s mouth over time have the very real potential to slowly but surely cause heavy metal poisoning,

probiotic cottage cheeseIn the Western world, cottage cheese is nearly synonymous with dieting and all things related to the pursuit of skinny.

Cottage cheese is typically served with sliced fruit on top as an ultra low calorie meal. It’s been the poster child for losing weight since the lowfat dogma of the 1960s took hold and escorted Westerners down a path to even greater weight and health challenges.

house plants for clean indoor airResearch by NASA on the air-filtering effect of house plants concluded as early as 1989 that they are a powerful means to remedy indoor air pollution.

The first list of the best house plants for this purpose was compiled as part of the NASA Clean Air Study. It researched simple, sustainable ways to clean air on space stations.

the truth about maple syrup production methodsMaple syrup is without a doubt one of the best and most traditional sweeteners that is easily available today. Supermarkets, buying clubs and healthfood stores alike typically stock a wide variety of brands with consumers increasingly favoring its simple, whole sweetness over genetically modified (GMO) corn syrup or sugar derived synthetic syrups that can cause an acne breakout or a nasty canker sore nearly as fast as you can finish a stack of pancakes at the local diner.


college green world_mini2I spent time this past weekend visiting my beloved alma mater, Furman University (Go Paladins!). I hadn’t been back since my 10 year college reunion, so needless to say, there were a lot of changes for me to catch up on.

As we drove around campus checking out all the new facilities,

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