fish oilOmega-3 fats are currently the darling of conventional and alternative medicine alike.

Fish oil capsules loaded with these heart healthy “good fats” are flying off the shelves of healthfood stores and are prominently featured on supplement displays in many doctors’ offices.

You can even buy fish oil at Wal-Mart!


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Alex and AnnaA Sacramento couple is without their 5 month old baby after Child Protective Services sent in the police to forcibly remove the child from their care.

hearing is scheduled for Monday, April 29, 2013 on the incident which was triggered when Anna Nikolayev and her husband Alex took baby Sammy out of Sutter Memorial Hospital and sought a second opinion at Kaiser Permanente,

Use-Less-Energy-Than-You-ExpendAbove all, a no-fail weight loss diet must contain less energy than your body expends throughout the day, otherwise you aren’t going to lose fat or may even gain more. Any time you encounter a weight loss plateau or rebound, this is an indication that you are consuming more calories than your body is expending on energy and structural metabolism.

toolsDoug Bartlett, a veteran teacher with an upstanding record of 17 years, has filed a lawsuit against the school district of Chicago for suspending him without pay after giving a lesson on gardening tools to his second grade students.

The incident took place on August 8, 2011 at Washington Irving Elementary School.

dronesWhen most people think of drones, they think of the picture to the right.  An unmanned, aerial vehicle used in wartime situations on foreign soil.

While this perception is certainly true, the FAA Reauthorization Act signed into law in 2012 took the concept of drones to an entirely new – and frightening –

pumpkin seed oilOn the Dr. Oz show last week, Dr. Oz shared two of his “best kept health secrets”.  While I did not watch the show myself (I’ve only watched 2 of his shows ever), several readers emailed me about it and I confirmed the topic selection by checking his blog post of the same day. 

12 rules for weight lossProvided the opportunity, most adults will overeat, however unconsciously, to store energy as fat. Also, given a chance, most adults will stay put to preserve energy (stored as fat) rather than move around to waste it. In practical terms, these two intrinsic biological traits – storage and preservation of energy – mean that weight loss is alien to the nature’s normal order,

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