Bacon!The drought that ravaged much of North American agriculture this past summer also proved devastating to food production in Russia.   The worldwide impact of the widespread drought on the supply and cost of animal feed is so severe that the UK National Pig Association (NPA) emphatically declared this week that:

“A world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable”


cooking with olive oilOlives are one of the oldest foods known to man and are thought to have originated in Crete or Syria some 6000 years ago.   The golden color of the rich oil pressed from tree ripened olives has been consumed by healthy traditional cultures since as early as 3000 BC.

Olive oil is truly one of the crown jewels of fats!

shallow breathingEvery single tissue in the entire body has thyroid receptors. This means that the thyroid, if not functioning properly, can cause a wide variety of symptoms beyond what we would normally consider.

It is most common to question the health of the thyroid in cases of fatigue, constipation, weight gain, chilliness, and dryness.

Scientists from the Seattle based Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have stumbled upon a very inconvenient truth.

Chemotherapy is so damaging to the healthy cells surrounding a tumor that it changes their DNA, causing fibroblasts, those cells involved in wound healing and maintaining connective tissue, to produce a molecule called WNT16B that actually encourages prostate tumors to grow and invade neighboring cells.

Editor’s Note:  Monica Corrado is an Honorary Board Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Chapter Leader for Fort Collins, Colorado.  This month, she celebrates seven transformative years of teaching traditional foods classes!  

Monica is a natural born teacher – it is truly her joy and passion.   If you love to cook and teach too,

shingles vaccinePharmacies are pushing very hard to promote the shingles vaccine these days. Signs are everywhere for adults 60 and older to get the “recommended” shingles vaccine and that they are available every single day.

This shot isn’t cheap either with some locations charging upwards of $200 per jab.

There’s no doubt that shingles represents a clear threat to the health of seniors.

periodontal problemsIn order to really discuss and put into perspective how consuming traditionally prepared bone broths supports our oral health in such a foundational way, setting a baseline of understanding just how common oral health issues are and the common ways the breakdown of oral health occurs is necessary.

Let’s cover the “bad news”

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