baby constipation remediesBaby constipation should always be cause for parental concern. Some doctors prefer to chalk up baby bowel movements as within normal parameters even if they are as infrequent as once a week. However, a more holistically minded practitioner understands the critical importance of gut balance and bowel regularity. Such a doctor would likely come to a far different assessment of the situation.

raw pet foodIs the concept of raw pet food a little too out of the box for you?  Have you been incorporating raw unprocessed foods into your own diet and that of your children to improve health, vitality, and immunity but are still buying store pet food for your furry friends?

If so, consider that Dr.

By Guest Blogger Jennifer Mesko, editor of

For many patients, it starts with a little back pain and urine discoloration — symptoms that are easy to ignore and very forgettable.

But, either quickly or over time, the back pain becomes chronic and the discolored urine alarming.

A school of thought that “cow milk is just for baby cows” and that it is unnatural for humans to be drinking it has become somewhat of a catchphrase by some in the health community in recent years.

In two of the radio interviews I’ve done over the years, this point was specifically addressed as a counterpoint to my discussion of the health benefits of drinking grassfed raw milk.

Apple mixAfter arrogantly submitting a measly 2 pages of actual company documentation in its request for Canadian approval of its heavily modified, “no brown” GMO apple, biotech firm Okanagan Specialty Fruits has set its sights on a quick release in the USA.

The USDA announced on its website a 60 day public comment period commencing July 9,

bags of einkorn wheat berriesIn my home, I’ve purchased organic white wheat and spelt in bulk for many years. Grinding it into fresh flour is the most nutritious and tastiest way to bake! I also did this to avoid the conventional toxic wheat in North America. Farmers on this continent frequently desiccate their crops with glyphosate containing herbicides.

I love to receive emails from readers who are excited to have succeeded in some aspect of Traditional Cooking. Perhaps they made kefir for the first time or they are so proud that their kids raved about the soaked waffles.

While I love to read these emails, it is impossible for me to respond to them all for the simple reason that I spend a significant amount of time each day making delicious,

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