My friend Stanley Fishman, author of the acclaimed cookbooks Tender Grassfed Meat and  Tender Grassfed Barbecue, lives in California and, like many folks around the United States, has been dealing with the physical stress of having a smart meter installed at his home against his will.

The option to use an analog meter and have this health sucking device removed from one’s home has only recently become available in some localities. 

clabbered milk. milk clabber recipeWhen folks start getting into Traditional Cooking, learning to ferment foods like clabbered milk is a basic skill that must be mastered.  Lacto-fermented foods are rich in enzymes as well as beneficial bacteria. 


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Mother to 3 healthy children,

ginnifer goodwinPopular TV and film actress Ginnifer Goodwin was a zealous and dedicated vegan for 2 years.

She was even a spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey project in 2009, adopting an entire flock herself. 


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

pet food diet for our furry friendsBack in 2005, after many years of living without any pets, a strong hankering began to arise in me for some feline companionship. After multiple visits to my local pet shelter, I ended up adopting two very sweet, lovely little kittens. Little did I know at the time that their presence in my life would be such a profound catalyst for so much learning and discovery!

BarnWith the average age of the American farmer now over 50 years old according to the Environmental Protection Agency and the family farm on visible life support, the Obama Administration has moved to put the ailing patient out of his misery with a well aimed bullet right between the eyes.

What better way to ensure the complete and utter death of the family farm in just a few short years than to prohibit the children of farm owning parents from working the land and learning the business alongside Mom and Dad?

eating organic at Whole Foods

High five!

You’ve made some big changes in your family’s diet recently and are really focusing on eating organic.  You’ve stopped buying boxed cereal and other processed snacks at the grocery store and are making homemade snacks and treats with wholesome ingredients instead.  You’re even soaking or sprouting your nuts,

In the United States, if a nurse who works with infants refuses even one of the vaccinations mandated for healthcare workers, his/her job would quickly be on the line.

In other countries, however, the right of healthcare workers to reject vaccination is still respected even in the midst of a localized outbreak of whooping cough where the nurses’

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