adolescent shots without parental permissionIt appears the time has come for parents who oppose vaccination to instruct their children to kick, scream, and fight if any authorities at school, a doctor’s office or anyone else ever attempts to vaccinate them.

An attempt by someone to vaccinate a minor without parental consent should be treated by the child the same way as physical assault by a stranger,

Yesterday, I posted about Melanie, a lady who has been very very sick with Lyme Disease for the past 4 years and how she is finally healing by embarking on a pastured, raw milk fast for the past 100+ days.

This story added to the positive excitement about what is going to start tomorrow –

milk cure protocol for lyme disease_mini

This amazing story was sent to me by Melanie, a Mom who, for over 100 days, fasted on nothing but raw milk to heal Lyme Disease.  

No other Lyme Disease treatments, conventional or otherwise, have worked for her over the past 4 years.

Her healing journey is based on the use of raw,

raw yogurt, yogurt recipeIf you’ve watched even one of the videos from the 100+ free video library available on this blog, you probably know that I have a microwave in my kitchen.

Do I use it for cooking or heating anything that my family consumes?

No.  I haven’t used a microwave to heat or cook anything in many,

homemade chili recipeI was thrilled when my husband came home from our local meat pickup yesterday with some ground buffalo meat. Score!

I knew immediately that my favorite chili recipe made with ground buffalo was the dish to make with it!


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Marathoners for China’s Olympic team set to compete this summer in London have gone to drastic measures to avoid banned steroids which could result in disqualification from the 2012 Summer Games.

They are raising their own chickens for food.


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

The Milk Cure 2012

by Sarah Raw Milk FastComments: 330

Last year, Paula Jager, owner of Crossfit Jaguar in Tampa Florida, wrote a series of riveting posts about her 15 day raw milk fast. This series on The Milk Cure sparked much interest from readers from around the world who became interested in reviving this age old remedy for improving vitality, bodily cleansing and even reversal of serious illness as practiced in the early 1900’s by the Mayo Foundation,

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