Green Algae on BeachI love to read stories about creative people coming up with new, amazingly innovative ideas that improve the modern standard of living but also where the manufacturing process is kind to the environment and utilizes renewable resources.

One area today that requires serious innovation is the area of battery production. 

rabbit hot potI tasted my first rabbit hot pot recipe at a Moroccan restaurant in Los Angeles when I was 19 and on a cross country trip with my brother helping him with a West to East Coast move.

Moroccan restaurants are a real cultural experience because you sit on the floor on cushions and eat with your hands.

What if you were told of a simple way to reduce your child’s chances of developing asthma and even allergies by almost half.

Wouldn’t you sit up and take notice?

Wouldn’t you listen very carefully and fall all over yourself to implement that strategy immediately?


herbal infusionThe terms herbal infusion is typically used interchangeably to refer to a simple cup of herbal tea.

The two terms are in fact quite different as a properly prepared herbal infusion is much more potent and easily absorbed than plain herbal tea.

If you plan to use herbs therapeutically as in use of nettle tea during pregnancy to tone the uterus and prepare for natural childbirth,

Flu shots use rear entranceGet Your Flu Shots Here signs are everywhere right now.   There was even a flu shot tent set up in the SuperWalmart in my town last week right in the middle of the produce section!

Everyone who tried to walk by without stopping got the evil eye by the authoritative older man with the well manicured beard in a white coat who sat under the tent beckoning everyone who passed –

By Guest Blogger Paula Jager, CSCS

We all go through different stages or chapters in our lives where we have more or less time to devote to ourselves such as college, start of careers and births of children.

That’s just life.

All of these are better handled if we are eating a healthy diet and staying in peak physical condition.

Coconut oil for dementiaMary Newport has much reason to celebrate these days.

After helplessly watching her 58 year old husband rapidly degenerate into severe dementia only 5 years after MRI diagnosis with Alzheimer’s, Dr. Newport decided to pursue unorthodox treatment of his condition with virgin coconut oil (not refined!) instead of the expensive drug Axena which has the drawback of producing intestinal distress in some patients and wears off within just a few hours of ingestion.

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