Our Kids Get It: Music Video About the Flu Shot

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Get Your Flu Shots Here signs are everywhere right now.   There was even a flu shot tent set up in the SuperWalmart in my town last week right in the middle of the produce section!

Everyone who tried to walk by without stopping got the evil eye by the authoritative older man with the well manicured beard in a white coat who sat under the tent beckoning everyone who passed – even pregnant mothers with babies in strollers.  Plenty of flashy, expensive brochures hyping the supposed benefits of the flu vaccine covered the table in front of him.

25 itty bitty mcg of mercury in one dose of a typical flu shot. That’s not very much.  Certainly a child or pregnant woman should be able to handle it no problem, right?

Consider the following from the website SAFEMINDS, Sensible Action For Ending Mercury Induced Neurological Disorders: (that’s right, mercury causes all kinds of neurological problems even if you don’t buy the mercury-autism link – have you noticed how neurologically damaged so many kids are today even if they are not autistic?):

Let’s start with some facts:

  1. Thimerosal is about half ethyl-mercury (49.4%) by weight.
  2. There is very little data on the toxicokinetics of thimerosal (ethyl-mercury). Although the practice has been validated by the FDA, we are currently relying on population studies based on methyl-mercury exposure to guess the “safe” dose of ethyl-mercury, which is a different chemical compound.
  3. What data we have so far from human and primate studies indicates that, while ethyl-mercury clears the blood faster than methyl-mercury, ethyl-mercury also results in a higher amount of inorganic mercury in the brains of primates compared to primates exposed to comparable amounts of methyl-mercury (Burbacher et al. 2005). The half-life of inorganic mercury in different parts of the primate brain ranges from 227 to 540 days (Vahter et al. 1994, 1995).
  4. Mercury is bioaccumulative. It builds up in tissues over time.

Now let’s do some math:

A typical mercury-containing flu shot has 25 micrograms of mercury in a .5ml dose.
A typical adult female weighs about 150-pounds or 68.2kg.

Recognizing the limitations of the methyl to ethyl comparison, the EPA’s recommended maximum daily consumption of methyl-mercury from fish is 0.1mcg/kg/day to prevent health effects in the woman. This 68.2 kg woman should not eat more than 6.82mcg of mercury from fish in a day, but she would be getting 25 mcg of mercury from the vaccine.

To look at one more comparison specific to this fall, the current recommendation is that children age 5-9 need two doses of H1N1 vaccine. If a parent doesn’t ensure that the vaccines are mercury-free, a 50 lb (22.7kg) child (whose maximum methyl-mercury dose from eating fish should be 2.27mcg of mercury daily) would, on two separate occasions, be getting 25 mcg of mercury from their vaccines. If they receive the seasonal flu shots at the same time (2 doses on each of two visits), they would be receiving about 20 times the EPA’s limit for ingested methyl-mercury at each visit!

Check out this music video Mad Hatter Blues by The Refusers.   Our kids are getting  it.   I have much hope for the next generation.  They are clearly not as easily snowed by the Pharmacrats as my generation and my parent’s generation have been.


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