A balanced gut is clearly a crucial aspect of achieving your best health and learning to ferment probiotic rich foods and beverages at home is an important part of achieving this goal.

Let’s face it, probiotic pills are very expensive and the vast majority of brands out there do absolutely nothing for rebalancing the gut! 

the pillSince the introduction of oral contraceptives in the early 1960’s, use of The Pill, as it is generally known, has soared to approximately 7 in 10 women of childbearing age.  Among young women ages 18-24, use of oral contraceptives is especially high, reaching two-thirds in 2008. It seems most women have no knowledge of natural birth control options whatsoever!

“No wire hangers, ever!”   Faye Dunaway once screeched in her now infamous role as the monstrous Joan Crawford in the movie Mommy Dearest.

While dry cleaning businesses are a critical part of any community, particularly in urban areas, the amount of waste generated by all those cheap, wire hangers is clearly a disposal problem. 

french toast casserole, french toast casserole recipeMy kids are no different than most – they don’t care for bread crusts.  The problem is, I spend upwards of $6 per loaf for high quality sourdough or sprouted flour bread and I don’t like to waste a single slice! 


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

My sweetie took me out for Valentine’s lunch to my favorite restaurant, L’ Eden, an authentic French cafe in beautiful downtown Tampa.    The cafe sits on the corner of Tampa and Madison Streets and if one is lucky enough to score a corner table, the urban view and setting is ever so slightly reminiscent of a cafe in Paris where I once dined on omelets overlooking the Seine and Notre Dame Cathedral.

american restaurantJoke: What does a chef make for dinner when she has the night off?

Answer: Reservations!

It’s true. Most working chefs rarely cook at home. Perhaps that is because we have been told that it is not healthy to take our work home with us at the end of the day. 

vegetable cooking waterAdelle Davis popularized the practice of saving vegetable cooking water during the Leave it To Beaver era of the American 1950’s.

The reason for this recommendation was that any vitamins and minerals lost from cooking the vegetables would end up in the water.  This cooking water could then be added to homemade soups or sauces with the nutrition benefiting those that consumed them.

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