7 Tips For an Easy Transition to Reusable Bags

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist March 30, 2014

reusable bag
I stood in line at the grocery store the other day behind a lady who was paper bag happy.  She had purchased 3 boxes of take out fried chicken from the deli and a boxed cake from the bakery.  Even though each of these were already in a container and didn’t even need a bag (the chicken boxes even had handles!), she insisted on a separate brown paper bag for each item.

This is on top of the other grocery items she purchased, which I did not notice as I had walked up in line just as the discussion about “the right way” to bag the chicken was going on with the bag boy.   Is there a “right way” to bag take out chicken, by the way?

Just wondering.

In total, there were at least twelve brown paper bags in that shopping cart, each only about half full of items. Read more…


Study Warns: Kids Who Eat Fast Food Have Lower IQs

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist March 29, 2014

fast food
There’s no free lunch, Moms and Dads.  That trip through the drive-thru may be easy and convenient, saving you the hassle of preparing dinner at home, but it is having lifetime implications for your children.

A study conducted by an academic at the University of London reports that children who consume more fast food grow up to have a lower IQ than those who regularly eat freshly-cooked meals.

4,000 Scottish children aged 3-5 years old were examined to compare the intelligence dampening effects of fast food consumption versus  ”from scratch”  fare prepared with only fresh ingredients.

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Why I Canceled Our Healthcare Insurance (and What We’re Doing Instead)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist March 26, 2014

healthcare graphic (1)_mini

It’s no secret that the healthcare system in the United States is beyond broken. Despite spending far more per capita than any other country on medical care, the United States does not even rank in the top 50 countries for life expectancy.

Attempts to fix the problems have only seemed to make matters worse. Medical costs have continued to explode since the creation of Medicare in the mid-1960′s despite new regulations being periodically enacted over the years to attempt to control costs.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is the latest attempt to “control” costs and bring sanity to the healthcare insurance industry. Unfortunately, as of this writing, health insurance premiums continue to increase with individuals and families required to pay for an ever larger share of their coverage even when employed by large companies, companies which only a few years ago, covered most or all of the cost.

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Ways to Reduce Exposure to Dirty Electricity

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist March 23, 2014

Electricity was originally intended as a “clean” and safe source of power for homes and businesses through standard usage of the steady electrical frequency of 60 oscillations per second, or 60 Hertz (Hz).

Modern energy efficient devices, electronics, and other reasons such as earth currents can cause significant deviance from the 60 Hz frequency, however, and this pulsed exposure to spiking and unsafe frequencies of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) on overloaded wires is what has become known as “dirty electricity”.

Exposure to dirty electricity has the potential to cause and exacerbate existing health problems in some people. It is not something that can be smelled, touched, seen, or felt and yet it is very real and very problematic for those who experience it on a daily basis.

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