How to Make a Vinegar Compress for Bruises and Sprains

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

vinegar compress for sprains and bruises

Have you ever wondered what people used to do to treat bruises and sprains before the invention of the home freezer which allowed convenient access to the wonder of ice cubes 24/7?

I used to sometimes wonder about this, especially when my children were toddlers and absolutely refused to allow me to put ice anywhere near, let alone directly on their skin. Putting ice on an injury is not a comfortable process, after all, and not many young children I’ve ever encountered tolerate it very readily for more than a few seconds.

Forget the cute little ice packs in the shapes of animals or other friendly creatures. My children would have none of it, thank you very much!

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Tips for Eczema Relief NOW (while healing from within)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

child who needs eczema relief

By Jennifer Roberge, founder, The Eczema Company

The constant itchy skin, the uncontrollable urge to scratch causing many a sleepless night pretty much sum up one condition – ECZEMA. This uncomfortable and sometimes unsightly skin condition affects 3% of adults and up to 20% of children.

While it’s critical to determine the potential triggers and get to the root cause of this autoimmune ailment to resolve it permanently, you don’t have to suffer during what is usually a lengthy healing process.

There are a number of things that can provide immediate, although temporary eczema relief. So, while you work your way towards internal healing, here are a few things to help you on your way.

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Monsanto Won’t Take GMO Free Chipotle News Sitting Down

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

Chipotle food is GMO free

Never before in history has humanity been so in need of those who challenge conventional thinking, tear down barriers and take a sledgehammer to preconceived ideas. This is especially true in the economic sector concerned with food production and distribution.

While a growing number of individuals and small companies are willing to step outside the box to help create a new food culture, large corporations have by and large dug in their heels in favor of the toxic status quo. Shareholder profits and excessive executive salaries continue to be the overwhelming focus rather than creation of quality products that won’t harm the consumer in the short or long term.

A well known exception to this is the Chipotle chain of restaurants, where founder, Chairman, and co-CEO Steve Ells continues to push the envelope in the direction of changing the face of fast food in America for the better. Only one year ago, I wrote this post about the genetically modified ingredients on the Chipotle menu, despite the fact that much progress had been made with many local, pastured options available.

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Are Nightshade Vegetables Worsening Your Pain?

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

health problems worsened by nightshade vegetables

It is almost foodie sacrilege to suggest that a group of colorful, antioxidant rich vegetables ubiquitous within the Western diet might not be as healthy as the natural food community paints them to be. This is exactly what this article is going to attempt to do – wade you through the process of considering whether nightshade vegetables might in fact be worsening your health symptoms even if they are grown organically in nutrient dense soil.

Hopefully not, as nightshade veggies are delicious! But, it makes sense to investigate the possibility especially if you have issues with chronic pain, arthritis, or GERD among other challenges..

First, let’s examine exactly what the nightshades are and what health problems they sometimes exacerbate for those who are sensitive.

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