Behind the Scenes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist July 3, 2014

180 Radio

I recently had a chance to talk with Matt Stone of 180 Radio about my appearance last month on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart which airs on the Comedy Channel.

I’ve gotten to know Matt in the last little while –  he now calls West Central Florida home too!

The hilarious satire about parents who choose not to vaccinate was aired in early June 2014 and elicited a wide variety of reactions from viewers around the country.

If you’d like to hear the inside scoop of what really happened and goes on behind the scenes when making one of these comedic sketches as well as my personal story of research regarding the vaccination issue and why my husband and I decided to opt out back in 1997 (there was no google then!), you can listen in or download the audio here. Read more…


Flush Stones and Avoid Surgery with a Gallbladder Cleanse

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist July 2, 2014

gallbladder cleanseIt is shocking how many people are suffering from gallbladder problems today. While the typical patient dealing with gallbladder issues used to be a woman in her 40′s who is struggling with her weight, this is not the stereotypical case anymore.

Young children, mostly girls, are having gallbladder attacks with increasing frequency and ending up in the emergency room for treatment.

In the past month alone, I have heard of two cases in my local community of teenage girls having serious gallbladder problems, one of whom, a fifteen year old, who had hers removed.

Dr. Atena Rosak of St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Maryland who performs many gallbladder surgeries, says she’s seeing more and more young people — especially young women — coming under her knife. Read more…


Paleo Enchiladas (grain free with dairy free option)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist June 28, 2014

paleo enchiladasBefore I reveal this very creative Paleo enchiladas recipe, let me tell you a little about the recipe creator, Tara Rayburn.

I first met Tara, author of the cookbook Essential Gluten-Free Recipes, in yoga class about 10 years ago.  She was pregnant at the time and we struck up a conversation about Labor of Love, a local birthing center in Tampa that offers women a fantastic natural birth experience as well as holistic prenatal care (this is where I delivered all 3 of my children).

A natural opportunity to talk to Tara about traditional cooking and the travels and teachings of Dr. Weston A. Price presented itself when her child began to experience a challenge with food allergies.

Read more…


Beware of Ascorbic Acid: Synthetic Vitamin C

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist June 24, 2014

isolated ascorbic acid is not in fruitDid you know that ascorbic acid is actually a synthetic form of vitamin C?

If you are learning this for the first time, it can be a rather shocking realization as almost all vitamin C supplements on the market use ascorbic acid.

Even more disturbing – ascorbic acid is frequently marketed as natural vitamin C. Truly natural forms of vitamin C and synthetic ascorbic acid seem to be used interchangeably.

How confusing for the consumer!

Nearly all juices and fruit products are loaded up with ascorbic acid, even many organic, healthfood store versions. It seems that if a product is labeled “high in Vitamin C”, consumers buy more of it.

A lot of folks are being fooled by these misleading semantics and there is a growing body of evidence that those consuming high doses of ascorbic acid should have reason to worry.

Three Studies Suggest Caution with High Dose Ascorbic Acid

Read more…


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