Nutritional Remedy for Heavy Periods

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Heavy periods, or menorrhagia, is a common problem for women particularly as they approach menopause.  Excess estrogen can frequently be a cause with estrogen dominance a real threat in our modern environment loaded with estrogen mimicking chemicals like BPA and pesticides seemingly everywhere and estrogenic foods like soy added to a majority of processed foods.

Heavy periods can cause anemia, weakness and fatigue if not corrected.  Unfortunately, conventional treatments for this condition involve only drugs and surgery such as the birth control pill, hormone releasing IUDs, hysterectomy or a more recent technique called endometrial ablation.

I know several women who have undergone endometrial ablation in recent months to combat heavy periods.  This surgical technical involves destruction of the uterine lining either with a laser, radiofrequency or microwaves, or heated water.

While the ladies I know who have had this procedure swear by it and were very happy with the results, it is not an option for younger women who want to have children.  It is also best to avoid a surgical procedure unless absolutely necessary as complications are always possible such as infection of the bladder or damage to the womb or large intestine.

The good news is that heavy periods frequently respond well to simple nutritional support.

Vitamin A is known to help with excess estrogen so a simple increase in the amount of natural Vitamin A in the diet can help reduce heavy cyclical bleeding.

It is important to note that beta carotene will not help here – it must be true vitamin A best found in sufficient doses in high vitamin cod liver oil.

According to a case study written about in the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat, 2 Tbl of high vitamin cod liver oil per day supplying about 60,000 IU of Vitamin A for 3 days in a row eliminated this debilitating problem for one woman who had been suffering from what she called a “never ending period” for 4 years!

Note that a daily maintenance dose of high vitamin cod liver oil was sufficient to keep the problem of heavy periods at bay.

Try Cod Liver Oil for Heavy Periods Before Drugs or Surgery!

If you suffer from heavy periods and have reached the end of your rope and are considering surgery, why not try this simple remedy to see if it might work for you?  Be sure to use high vitamin cod liver oil that contains only natural Vitamin A.  Most of the brands on the market today sadly use synthetic Vitamin A instead of the real thing.

For sources of high vitamin cod liver oil that use only natural Vitamin A and no synthetics, check my Resources page.

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Source: Eat Fat, Lose Fat

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