Curing Endometriosis Naturally

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

curing endometriosis

Official statistics estimate that between 6-10% of women suffer from endometriosis. From the size and selection of menstrual pain remedies at the pharmacy, however, most women are completely unaware that curing endometriosis naturally is indeed possible.

Endometriosis occurs when the lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, grows and thrives beyond the uterine cavity.  The most common place for endometrial lesions to occur is the lining of the abdominal cavity, called the peritoneum.

Women with endometriosis suffer most commonly from pelvic pain, especially during the menstrual cycle.  This pain can be debilitating and even threatening to health from excessive blood loss.

In addition to pain and bleeding sometimes all month long, endometriosis is also credited with as much as 50% of cases of infertility.

Other signs and symptoms of endometriosis include the following:

  • Pain before and during your period
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain during or after intercourse
  • Fatigue, infertility, chronic pelvic pain not just during your period
  • Painful bowel movements, constipation, diarrhea, painful urination during your period
  • Heavy or irregular periods

When endometriosis involves the ovaries, tissue can grow and bleed over time forming what is called chocolate cysts.

No Curing Endometriosis with Conventional Treatments

Unfortunately, if a woman visits her gynecologist about symptoms or complications related to endometriosis, only medication to control the pain or surgery for severe cases is all that is typically recommended.

If infertility is the result of endometriosis and the woman wishes to get pregnant, expensive fertility treatments are the order of the day which don’t in any way resolve the problem and may actually worsen a woman’s hormonal balance over time causing other problems down the line.

Curing Endometriosis Naturally With Diet and Non-Toxic Therapies

Fortunately, there is growing recognition that the pain and inflammation which characterizes endometriosis can be improved dramatically or even resolved completely with diet.

I myself suffered from endometriosis starting when I was a teenager and diet change alone with no other treatments whatsoever completely resolved the problem.  I’ve been in complete remission now for well over 15 years.

If you are also experiencing symptoms of endometriosis, whether the problems are new to you or longstanding, there is hope with diet change combined with holistic therapies as needed.

Kim Schuette, CN and Certified GAPS Practitioner and owner of the clinic Biodynamic Wellness in Solana Beach, California reports that the following dietary changes have proven to be very helpful to women battling endometriosis:

  • One TBL fermented cod liver oil TWICE daily for 60 days.  Please note that the cod liver oil MUST be fermented as all the other cod liver oils on the market extract the oil using either heat or chemicals which alters the integrity of the oil and destroys nutrients. Click here for a list of suppliers of this critical supplement which is not available in stores.

Holistic therapies that can be implemented as needed in conjunction with Traditional Diet for curing endometriosis include:

  • Rubus ideaus, or gemmotherapy, at a dosage of 1/2 tsp in water twice daily.

Gemmotherapy is a therapeutic modality using stem cell extracts of fresh buds, shoots, roots or stems from embryonic or mature plants.  This therapy is helpful for tissue regeneration, positive growth development and drainage of toxins.   Rubus idaeus is derived from the shoots of the red raspberry bush and is a very effective remedy for drainage of the uterus and pelvic region.  It also tonifies the uterus.

  • Coffee enemas can be a helpful addition to the process as needed.

If you are one of the millions of women suffering month after month with the debilitating effects of endometriosis, instead of bombarding your body with drugs or resorting to surgery to manage the problem, try diet change combined with holistic methods for curing endometriosis naturally, giving yourself much needed permanent and nontoxic relief!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


Sources and More Information

Safe Alternatives for Toxic Tampons and Feminine Hygiene Products

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  1. I follow this blog regularly and love it! I am curious to know of anyone who has experienced healing with this protocol in extreme situations. I have been having problems with endo and a fibroid that has taken up 90%of my uterus. It is a single submucosal fibroid that has tripled in size in just 7 months. My cycles are regular. But my bleeding lasts anywhere from 14-20 days each month. I cycle every 28-30 days without fail. My bleeding this month has not stopped. I have been experiencing extremely heavy bleeding for 38 days. Causing me to become anemic. There is a high likelihood if my bleeding doesn’t stop a transfusion will take place. My hemoglobin is in the mid 7 range.
    My doctor has also recommended a myectomy for the fibroid.
    Anyone experience anything like this? Did using this method or similar methods work?
    Anyone have surgery?
    Any suggestions for someone who may need a partial hysterectomy? For making the best of it using traditional methods?

      • Katelyn – what are you doing here if you “think” there is no cure. I see you can not come to terms with the fact that conventional medicine lies to people. It’s medicine and it’s scientists will not use the word cure because there is no money in it. Most diseases including most cancers are curable, just like anxiety, depression, and endometriosis!

        You need to look beyond the words alternative which is given to REAL medicine that actually does cure, just like a doctor that cures which is called a “quack” by other doctors. Conventional medicine (not all) reminds me of that movie where the mother kept putting arsenic in the little girls food to keep her sick and needy, and this is where you are at.

        I LOVE the fact that we have the internet to explore the truth, it is in the results, and I am a result, I NO LONGER suffer anxiety I feel so calm and at peace and I owe it all to my research and coming across Dr Max Gerson and his coffee enemas.

        But you Katelyn can continue to live in the bubble of society that will never come to terms with the fact that you are being lied to, although in a way your not, your just not open enough to believe in the word alternative and you think you know it all. Good luck with your health maybe one day you will figure it all out before you end out on several prescriptions a day just to handle the day.

  2. Gail Holland via Facebook February 7, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    People are willing to accept THIS but not willing to accept that there are other ways of transfusions besides a blood transfusion. Hmmm

  3. Interesting and thought provoking post but there isn;t a lot of real diet information on here…. can you point me in the right direction to get some more solid and specifics on diet changes. I have stage 4 ENDO and have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years =( I made big diet changes 10 months ago and had surgery in May but I am still suffering.

  4. I bought a receipt book for the endo diet, and so far i have had to look up most of the foods in it. I bought this $30.00 book because i only good reviews on it. I am thinking that this diet is for someone who is either a cook or a vegitarian. The food is all really expensive and i will have to go to about 4 different places to buy all of my foods plus my family does not want to be on this same diet. Thats double the bill. Not looking to good so far.

  5. Your article is inaccurate, and I don’t think you should be incouraging diet as a “cure” as there is no proof of a cure, helping the pain symptoms maybe but a cure? The only way to find out if you have endometriosis is to have surgery, if you haven’t had surgery you may not have it at all! Sure eating these foods might help with the pain aspect of endometriosis the sad fact is everytime you have a period it will grow which is why pregnancy helps and why constant birth control is essential. By sticking to this diet with no surgery and no birth control you are essentially masking the symptoms of pain and letting the endo grow bigger and bigger which can lead to huge problems if you still want to have children, I think it’s very irresponsible to claim this is a cure its not, it is to help with the pain, and don’t get me wrong anything to help the pain is brilliant but you need to continue with birth control to make sure it does not grow out of hand!

    • Wow Lottie sounds like you need to do more research! The doctors etc have got you brain washed!!! Look up everything to do with the birth control pill, endometriosis, diet. It’s amazing what you will find. Don’t take what a doctor says to you as gospel. Do you know how many billions they make from sick people?? They make more money from cancer patients keeping them sick till death then a cure. Do you know how many cures for cancer have been discovered and stopped because they make more money from their so called treatments that don’t work? Think about it. Why do doctors have such a strong reaction to other doctors who actually have success stories with patients that live to tell them. Go and research find the truth my friend.

  6. I found this thread when I was trying to find did anyone else cure endometriosis with diet and exercise.

    After years of trying to work out a cure and spending a lot of time and money with doctors/hospitals, I sort of ended up accidentally finding this diet for myself. It definitely works for me. I thought I felt better and I had just started taking normal cod liver oil, so I increased it and took 3 or 4 teaspoons of that daily. I also took body builders whey powder once a day. Those two things made a huge difference. I’ve been taking iron supplements for years, but because I was having such heavy periods, every 2 or 3 weeks, the supplements made no difference. Now though, I notice my iron levels are almost right, because I have much lighter periods, up to 31 days between – WHAT a relief. Oh and another thing I noticed, when I stopped eating sunflower spread and started on good old butter, I felt better!!! I take green tea, which I don’t enjoy drinking at all, but I believe it is very good for me. Every second day I dissolve a Vitamin B complex tablet in my water I take for my walk. For the past year, in every weather, I walk 8 miles a day in a gorgeous forest, breathing in all the air, believing the plants and trees are secreting healthful air for all my cells.
    I’ve been through so much with endometriosis, in the end, I just listened to my body and tried to feed it as much good food, nutrients as possible. Sometimes now I feel I want to cut codliver oil down to barely a teaspoon, so I must have enough of whatever was missing. I wish I’d have just stopped listening to doctors and saved myself years of very bad health. I was suffering menopausal symptoms, fuzzy head, frequent heavy periods. The contraceptive pills with the awful side effects, from depression, to making periods heavier, the horrid internal probes for ultrasound, invasive tests, feeling sick and tired all the time, the months I felt poisoned with HORRIBLE mirena coil and all the bleeding, and sickness, it has been a loooooong, difficult road. But good nutrition and old fashioned common sense has me flying around with the figure and energy of a fit teenager.

  7. Thanks for the info! I had surgery for endometriosis 2 months ago and I still have severe pain. I should change my diet starting today. I’ll be trying accupuncture and herbal remedies.

  8. I was told the same thing. They cannot test for endo they can only open you up to see it. I was; however, diagnosed with polycystic ovarion syndrome with all the same symptoms of endo.

  9. I’m two bottles away from completing the 60 day, 2 Tbls. cure. I would like to see some more comments from others who decided to try this. I, like Kimberly would also like some more information on the dairy aspect of it. I really love my raw milk cheese and milk. I have managed to quit the milk but still sneak some cheese/cheese curds. Have wondered though if being raw is a whole different story.
    I’m not sure if there has been improvement or not. I just started the phase 1 diet to fight fungus 2 weeks ago and that has put a whole different twist on things. I would suggest to anyone interested in natural health and healing to check out The Fungus Link by Doug Kauffman. He also has a show called Know The Cause on CNT. In the past couple weeks I have learned a lot on the incredible role fungus plays on our health.
    I’ve been studying all this for the past 7 years and this recent information has tied all I have learned together. It makes so very much sense as to why we can take supplements and do so many of the “right” things, but until we address the fungus issue we will continue to struggle with health issues. It’s HUGE! Check it out.
    Let’s hear from some of you others on this journey with the FCLO. Thanks!

  10. Sarah or anyone else who’s still reading this thread- can someone please help me understand if RAW cow’s milk is bad for endometriosis? Many endo diet suggestions list cutting back all forms of dairy…but of course you’d want to cut back all of the pasteurized/homogenized stuff. But what about raw? Should I be cutting back on that also?
    (please, no!)

  11. I too have suffered 20 years with endometriosis. I eat a great diet including tons of FCLO, bone broth, raw milk, fermented food, GF, no sugar, organ meats, etc. In fact, I am a WAPF chapter leader so I need to practice what I preach!;) However, although MANY of my health issues have completely cleared up; the the life-sucking endo remains. I believe there really is something to be said for the diet of our parents and grandparents and what we consumed as children. Which in my case was all low-fat, processed, and artificially sweetened…all the things preventing normal hormone production during the critical years of puberty. So although I have exhausted my avenues with MD’s, ND’s, herbs, acupuncture, nutritionists, cleanses, etc. the only thing left, sadly, is surgery which has helped in the past. That is why, I believe, our preconception diet, prenatal diet, and our children’s diet is so very crucial to the health of future generations. We must get the word out! So, thanks Sarah for all your efforts!!

    • I had surgery in May, I was stage 4. I had a miscarriage in July (my first ever positive test) and have had no luck since. I have been a vegetarian for 17 years and avoid most dairy and wheat. I think I need to make some more big changes. I have had no relief since surgery and I am getting SO frustrated and exhausted. My symptoms seem to be worse when I hit the luteal phase of my cycle and last until day 3 of my period. Ovulation is horrible which makes conception a challenge…. Ugghhhhh it’s all so frustrating!!

  12. I suffer from PCOS. I went on the paleo diet almost two years ago. I was on it for a year before starting the GAPS diet 10 months ago. My health has improved so much, but I still suffer from the horrible symptoms on day 2: terrible pain (like seeing stars!) and cramping, nausea, headaches, heavy bleeding, overall weakness, etc. I have tried some homeopathic remedies such as taking Vitex, Veratrum Album, Belladonna, Cramp bark when the pain starts and putting on a heating pad. The pain has been so bad the past couple of times, I had to take Ibuprofen the past couple cycles (I only took 2 pills, one time on the 2nd day). Does anyone have any other suggestions? It is so unbearable!! I am doing everything else right – I do NOT cheat on the GAPS diet and I drink broth every day, have fermented foods with every meal, eat lots of fat. I don’t know what else I can do!

  13. I love all of the recommendations here too with diet, and especially the castor oil pack. That has worked well for my fibroids along with acupuncture and herbs. I also take proteolytic enzymes between meals to break down the fibrous tissue.

  14. Stacie Hood via Facebook February 14, 2013 at 2:03 am

    Hmmm, they should call it “Poison Petal”… No wait! That would be a moment of honesty from Big Pharma and we all know that isn’t gonna happen!

  15. Clara Aguilera via Facebook February 13, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    I had every side effect in the book from the meds I was taking, I decided to look for a natural approach with teas and vitamins etc. I was told about the Whole30 which then transitioned to Paleo/AIP and it has helped my endometriosis greatly! No meds or pain for over 6months!

  16. I have already been through multiple surgeries for endo. After my 2nd surgery I was told that I was unable to have children without in vitro. Since then, I have had another surgery to clean up the endo and to remove my Fallopian tubes due to damage. Now I take birth control which seems to help with the pain, however it does not stop it completely nor does it regulate my cycle. I would be thrilled if I could find something that would lessen the pain and inconsistency of my cycles. Thank you Sheena Lance-Nold for sharing….I will be trying this out.

  17. Mali Korsten I would suggest a phone consultation with Kim Schuette or one of her staff at She has successfully helped women reverse even longstanding endometriosis. She is an advocate of traditional diets and is knowledgeable of the modalities that can assist in this area.

  18. Morgaine Donohue via Facebook February 13, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Jessica, binging is a sign of a deeper lying mental disorder, a true addiction to food (not just how people jokingly say it). While swapping out what they eat is probably a great idea, they are still eating tens of thousands of calories per day. That is something that diet changes alone simply cannot fix. The best bet is counseling, but even that is hit or miss depending on how open one is to it.

  19. What do you recommend for those of us who have been eating a traditional diet for a while now but still have horrific symptoms? I’m no fan of modern medicine, generally speaking, but it can be very tempting when it feels like all the other options have been exhausted.

  20. 3 years ago I was facing a hysterectomy. I decided to try natural remedies. Traditional eating, bio identical yam cream, vitex, and d chiro. In the last year I’ve been able to completely stop the yam/progesterone cream and reduce the dosage on the vitex and d Chiro. I now have very healthy cycles and have been able to conceive and carry to term. The only other supplement I take is the fermented cod liver oil.

  21. Denise Ribbecke via Facebook February 13, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Pregnancy cures endometriosis also. I was put on the pill for endometriosis. that worked also. I wish I had know about this though. I was a vegetarian, so I was probably missing out on a few essential-to-me nutrients.

  22. Kirsten Wingenbach via Facebook February 13, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    All it took for me was to eliminate grains and sugar. My doctor recommended a drug that would put me into chemical menopause, but when he told me that the pain from endometriosis was because of inflammation, I started to connect the nutritional dots in my head. I still get some pain (though not nearly as much) if I eat foods that are problematic when visiting family, but overall I think healing my gut has made me more resilient even to the occasional slip.

  23. Jessica Galloza via Facebook February 13, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    I heard about a trial seeking binge eaters today on Pandora radio…really? If you’re a binge eater, stop eating crap & start eating real food. Problem solved!

  24. Rebecca Hauptman Cashman via Facebook February 13, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    here is one of my pet peeves about endometriosis… I had severe menstrual cramps and pain, and went to my OB GYN about it, thinking it was endometriosis. He said the ONLY way to confirm a diagnosis was to do exploratory surgery… so I went under the knife. (I know, drastic, but I had such severe pain, almost passing out, throwing up, etc that something had to be done… and I was living a healthy lifestyle). So… what he found was STAPLES EMBEDDED IN MY RIGHT OVARY and UTERUS! 5 years before I had an emergency appendectomy (the only other surgery I have ever had) and they must have dropped staples inside me, and that was causing so much pain. They took them out… problem solved.

    So my beef is that so many people mention they have endometriosis, and when I ask them about their surgery, they say they haven’t had surgery… they just have the symptoms of it. Well, they don’t know whether they have endometriosis, then!

    Another beef is the same when people say they are lactose intolerant, when in fact it is an allergy to casein protein… without being tested for sure they don’t know, but they just assume and then spout off with authority. Bleh! haha can you tell I am razzled up about it, lol.

  25. Christal Brock via Facebook February 13, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Pregnancy tea has done wonders for my endo (some may find they can’t get preg while drinking red rasp leaf, just leave it out til you’re preg, then added it in after 12 + wks) & changing my diet to traditional foods & cutting processed & junk/fast food. We still eat out, but we prefer authentic foods.

  26. Timely isn’t the word for it. :( My question: if it’s not endometriosis but something more serious, can you get hpv at the doctor’s office or is that just plain ridiculous? I very rarely go to the doctor – maybe once every 5 or 6 years or less? – and it seems like on the rare times anyone in my family does go, we always contract a new something.

  27. Sarah,

    What about people who don’t tolerate CLO? I was taking GreenPastures fermented CLO with butter oil for over a year to, what I thought, was great benefit. Started GAPS and found that it affected my mood badly. I also have very low Vit D.

    Just coming off GAPS (18 months, helped a great deal but trashed my system in many other ways too) but still not able to tolerate CLO. Any suggestions????? The idea of eating a lot more of vit A/D high foods (eggs, liver) is very very unappealing (Thank to GAPS).

    Your comments would be greatly appreciated!!!


  28. Oops! I meant to say Sarah. I am so sorry! I was just talking to my friend Jennifer and typed the wrong name. I do apologize… :-/

  29. Great information!! Thank you Jennifer! I have been looking for help for so long and the standard medical route has gotten me nowhere.

    I am interested in finding out more from you about the gemmotherapy. I found a source for it, but I just want more info on how it worked for you? What was your experience as far as how you felt and what is the detox like? If I am going to be draining a bunch of my organs I would like to know exactly what I am getting myself into. Haha! 😉

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  31. I had endo and i did all of the above which helped but I did not get completely better until I balanced my copper and zinc. I worked with Pam Killeen and I must say it was the best decision I ever made. My daughter on the other hand passed away from cancer because we only tried the above and did not know about balancing biochemistry.

  32. Thank you Sarah for posting this. I have been researching for a couple of years on what I can do for my endo naturally. I never take pain pills but it is starting to get more painful with each period. I have been eating fermented foods, kefir, kombucha, broths, and I don’t buy packaged foods. The only thing I haven’t been doing is taking the FCLO but I just bought some the other week. I’m hoping to feel the results soon. My family and I are going on the GAPS diet in February (just got the book). I’m hoping that is going to help me too. Your article was very helpful and encouraging!!

  33. So, how come the cod liver oil has to be fermented? Is that how the oil is extracted as opposed to heat methods? What is the benefit of fermented vs non fermented?

  34. I had the surgery… twice and also did the hormone therapy–no picnic–horrible in fact! Nothing helped until I stopped consuming anything from a cow. I had no beef, no milk, no cheese, no ice cream… nothing from a cow except cream in my coffee. All of my symptoms disappeared and I got pregnant (which my dr has said wouldn’t happen) I have three beautiful children and eventually went back to my regular diet. I had read a book that said that the cow hormones were like estrogen which makes the endometriosis and fibroid tumors grow. It worked for me. I had to be very careful to consume other foods with calcium but it was not bad at all.

    • wow that is encouraging!!!! I am going to get serious about NO DAIRY! I have not drank milk for 4 years but still eat cheese and yogurt. NO MORE

    • Wow no dairy products at all like milk, what about lactofree milk or organic or is there alternativea other from the cow

  35. I’ve read in a “home remedies” book (and this book had nothing to do with WAPF) that fish oil supplements can help prevent uterine fibroids.

    It makes sense that beef and dairy laden with artificial hormones can cause “female problems” whereas quality beef and dairy can only be a boon.

    I am not a medical professional but someone who as endured these problems for years and after a merry go round of doctors (only one of whom was competent) found no other solutions..

    I get SO ANGRY that with all the taxpayer funded “women’s healthcare” and “reproductive health” blabber that NOBODY can offer any decent solutions for endometriosis or other problems OTHER THAN hormones or surgery or Lupron. Lupron out to be taken out to a remote site and blasted.

    I’ve had two c-sections and my endo went into remission. This is before began improving the diet. I credit breastfeeding for “resetting the clock.” Natural labor isn’t an option for everybody!

  36. Oh if only I had known what I do now years ago I could have saved myself infertility, miscarriages, 3 surgeries, chemical menopause at age 28, the loss of one ovary, pain, cramping, constipation, heavy bleeding, passing out, vomiting with each irregular cylce and on and on. I did reverse peri-menopause completely by eating a traditional food diet and for the first time in my life I have a 30 day cycle at age 46 with no pain at all.

    • Hi im from London, i have stage 4 endo and always in pain CONSTANTLY what is/was your traditional method of food.

  37. Sarah, do you think that pregnancy and natural childbirth could also be a contributing factor in the remission of your Endometriosis? I’ve read that natural labour can prevent recurrence of Endometriosis in lots of women (interestingly, not so with C-Sections). Not saying that diet isn’t also a huge factor, of course, just curious as to your thoughts on this.

  38. I wish I had known this years ago. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 12. The doctors put me on birth control that was a strong enough dose for an extremely overweight person to try and help with the pain and bleeding. After years of that not working they starting giving me shots to make my body go through menopause (while in high school). We did this 2 times with no success. They also did 2 surgeries to remove the lesions and cysts that they could. I was told the only thing that would help was a hysterectomy. I was also told I could never have children. Thankfully they were wrong about that, I have 3 healthy boys and another baby on the way. But I still deal with pain on a regular basis. So hopefully these things will work.

  39. I too have been looking for specific recommendations for endo.

    ? after 60 days of fclo at 1tbsp twice a day – what do you then take – revert to 1tsp once a day ? Down the hatch then, I’ll be looking for a supersize syringe.

    I wish you all many pain free and days full of blessings ahead.

    Thank you for sharing this information Sarah, looking forward to reading some good testimonies in the months ahead.

  40. Christal Brock via Facebook January 22, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    I can SOOO vouch for this!! As soon as I turned away from processed & fast food & turned to true farm foods & drink Rosemary Gladstar’s Womb Tea, I no longer have debilitating cramps!

  41. I was literally thinking earlier today that I wish someone would write an article on how to combat endometriosis from a “traditional food” perspective. Nearly all the diet advice out there involves cutting out animal fat, red meat and dairy, which just doesn’t resonate with me after all I’ve learnt from WAPF. I’ve been cutting down on red meat and tallow/lard from non-organic sources as an experiment, but I refuse to give up butter (and I’m not keen to give up raw milk and cheese if it’s not necessary)! I’m now adding some things like Maca and Raspberry leaf tea into my diet (as well as cutting out gluten) to see if this helps.

    The advice I got was to have surgery, then go on birth control pills or get an IUD. So far I’ve managed to forgo all of the above, but unfortunately I have had to rely on some pretty heavy painkillers for a couple of days each month. Even Tramadol barely touches the pain! My mom had terrible endometriosis and had to take morphine every month. She said the pain was much worse than labour.

    Anyway, thanks for this article. It’s very encouraging to know that it’s not necessary to cut out nutritious animal fats and organ meats in order to achieve healing.

    • Hi Aubree,
      I’m pleased for you and i hope you will be willing to share your personalised knowledge.

      May i ask how much FCLO you took and for how long before you saw results.

      I’ve added up the cost of the recommendation above in the article of 2 tablespoons of FCLO per day for 60 days and its big dollars. I am currently taking 1 teaspoon a day.

  42. Hello Sarah
    I could help with the dose of cod liver please?
    I’m new to the WAPF
    I have “Blue Ice Royal butter oil / fermented cod liver oil blend” from Green Pasture. I’m giving my kids (13 and 11 years) one capsule with breakfast and one with dinner, is sufficient or would have to give more.
    Thank you very much, Carmen

    • “Conversion from Liquid to Capsules

      Fermented Cod Liver Oil Capsules
      In order to get equivalent of 1 teaspoon per day of the plain fermented cod liver oil (not the butter oil blend), you need to take 8 capsules per day.

      For children, that’s 4 capsules per day.

      If you are pregnant or nursing, that’s 16 capsules per day.

      Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend Capsules
      If you are taking the cod liver oil/butter oil blend, you need to take 12 capsules a day to equal 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil and 1 teaspoon of butter oil per day.

      For children, that’s 6 capsules per day.

      If you are pregnant or nursing, you want to take 24 capsules per day.

      Now, please keep in mind, these supplements are not drugs. They are foods. There is no “dosage” – these numbers are just based on the recommendations of the Weston A. Price Foundation.”

      from Cheeseslave Q & A

  43. Jessica M Baker I would ask someone on staff at who are experienced in this area treating people with coffee enemas, but I would think that this would not be a good idea at all Enemas were traditionally used to help women start labor so that is not good at all while pregnant!

  44. After two years of infertility and a lifetime of painful periods, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo. The doc cut it all out and I was able to conceive five months after. I still, however, had painful periods and the doctor said that I had andometriosis as well (endo inside the uterine wall). I am happy to say that after several months of adopting a traditional diet and befriending CLO, I have NO period pain whatsoever!

  45. I think I’ve been suffering with this for probably 20 or more years. I was wondering about the capsule form of the cod liver oil. I’m finding a capsule that is a combination of royal butter oil and fermented cod liver oil. Please advice. Thanks!

    • Kathy, you can make your own capsules if you want to save money. The capsules sold would bankrupt me if I took as much as I need.
      With the liquid version, you just use the syringe provided to load size 00 capsules. These have to be kept in the fridge as they leak within about 10 minutes of filling.
      With the blend, which is thicker, I put the entire bottles contents into a disposable frosting decorator bag, with a small round tip on it. These capsules do not leak, unless the weather is quite hot.
      One bottle takes me about 45 minutes to put into capsules. Perfect for a short movie.

  46. Too late here too. I had hysterectomy 2 years ago. I knew I had fibroids. The dr found chocolate cysts and endo that had wrapped itself around my intestines. Needed an emergency abdominal surgery to stop the bleeding.
    I have slowly changed my diet and continue working towards a full traditional diet. I too would like to know what I can take to boost energy but also what are your feelings on natural hormone replacement?

  47. Out of curiosity does anyone know the “kind” of CLO people took a few generations ago when it was the norm. It wouldn’t have been “fermented” would it? Sarah, do you know?

  48. Thanks for this info on endometreosis.

    I would love if you could suggest natural remedies for Cervical Dysplasia as well.

    I had the first stage of Cervical Dysplasia and had a LEEP procedure performed. After the surgery my next pap was clear.

    My worry is that it might come back and I would like to prevent it naturally.

    Any insight you have is greatly appreciated!


  49. Too late. I had a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. But now what? What herbs help me get my energy back? (It was after the surgery that I found out I had endo).

    Not one doc knew. I had IBS and endo and uterine fibroid. I started raw milk and making my butter and my own yogurt back in October. All of which greatly help my IBS. Now I’m making my own kombucha and fermented lemonade.

    Gulp- I slowly add cod liver oil and organ meats…. yikes! (But I have been soaking my grains and beans). :)

    • Unfortunately, the damage from surgery is multifaceted. But as someone who had surgery 15 years ago, the things you have mentioned will be more helpful than not. The only thing I didn’t see you mention was bone broth. For me, raw diary, lacto-fermented/cultured anything, bone broth, and FAT (cod liver oil, butter, cream, lard, coconut oil, etc.) are key. These things will go a long way to help immune system/balance, muscle tone, bone health, hormonal/endocrine balances, and emotional health – all things you will need to provide raw materials to assist in coping in the aftermath.

      Make your enviornment and personal care as therapetic as you can afford.

  50. They either do a surgery or shut your system down conpletely. Basically like a forced menapause. They did both on me when i was 15. After that they told me i had to stay on birth control for the rest of my life to keep it in check and the scar tissue was so bad that i was infertile. I decided to opt out of the birth control and deal with the pain after a few years of that there was no way i was going to have a kid at all. (Believe me i tried) and then about 2 years ago i started taking fclo and high vitamin butter oil and now i have a beautiful baby boy :) i named him after weston a price because if it wasnt for the foundation and his studies he would never be here today. I am very grateful. :)

  51. My story is proof that this is true. I have suffered from endometriosis since I was twelve years old. Last year, I had major surgery to remove endometriomas that were as large as melons, and one the size of a small football. After only months new cysts took root. Radical diet change to traditional eating, along with FCLO and primrose oil, under the care of a holistic MD, have changed my life this year!


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