How Prebiotics Benefit Gut Health

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

benefits of prebioticsThe term prebiotics is a relatively new term relating to the topic of gut health. The concept first came on the scene in 1995 when beneficial food ingredients that pass undigested through the stomach and intestines were first identified.

Researchers were shocked to learn that these undigested foods actually served as nourishment for the probiotics in the gut, those beneficial microbes that perform useful biological functions and are a critical component of a healthy immune system.

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Doctor Approved Remedies for Eczema Treatment

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

doctor approved eczema treatment

By Tom Cowan MD, author The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care

Eczema is one of the most common skin conditions in the world with at least 31.6 million sufferers in the United States alone. Ironically, despite the high prevalence of this disease, there is a persistent lack of effective eczema treatment for moderate to severe cases.

Among children, the prevalence of eczema is roughly 11% and as high as 18.1% in individual states. Approximately one out of every three children with eczema suffers from moderate to severe disease. What’s more, these children do not tend to outgrow the condition as research has suggested that the prevalence of eczema in adults is only slightly lower than cases of childhood eczema.

The standard conventional treatment for eczema is topical steroids such as hydrocortisone. While this eczema treatment magically clears up the skin within a matter of days, it can drive the disease deeper into the body with more serious negative health repercussions over the long term. In addition, steroid creams have serious side effects such as blurred vision, seeing halos around lights, uneven heartbeat, sleep problems, and weight gain or puffiness.

As a result, resolution of eczema via holistic, nontoxic therapies is of paramount importance so as not to cause additional health woes through a drug based approach to illness. With this in mind, here are 7 nontoxic suggestions for eczema treatment that have worked effectively in my practice over the years.

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An Attorney’s View of Vaccines

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

justice will prevail

The report below was recently sent to every representative and senator in the Washington legislature and to all the newspapers in Washington. Attorney James Deal believes that the personal or philosophical objection will be retained at the state level.

“They have all the money, but we have all the good ideas. If we persevere, we will succeed.”  ~ James Robert Deal, J.D.


Anti-vaxxers oppose all vaccines. Pro-vaxxers favor all vaccines. No, it is not that simple. Pro-vaxxers admit that certain groups should not receive certain vaccines and that vaccine injury does happen, although it is “rare”.

Most so-called anti-vaxxers actually favor some vaccines but oppose others. Most oppose giving many vaccines all at one time. Most say they are only asking for safer vaccines.

Amid the name calling, there is a reasonable middle ground. Dr. Mark Geier, M.D., Ph.D., associated with Johns Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health, author of over a hundred peer reviewed journal articles, is a moderate we should pay attention to. (Go to YouTube and search for “Dr. Mark Geier Thimerosal”.)

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Our New Organic Garden Box!

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

new organic patio garden box

Need a little help with the Spring garden? Help has arrived!

My new friends at Florida Urban Organic Farm recently installed this gorgeous new garden box in the picture above in our backyard!  The rain barrel irrigation system will be installed this week.

The best part?  Owners Cody and Kimberly Haberman will be planting the heirloom seedlings of my choice in the coming days and maintaining the garden box for me throughout the growing season!

It’s the same concept as a pool service, but way healthier and a lot less expensive!

If you love organic gardening but don’t have the time or the expertise to maintain it yourself, this incredible new service whose time has come is something to check out!  I had my own organic garden until my second child was born in 2002, but since that time, it’s only been potted herbs in the garden window and a few frustrating gardening attempts wrestling with the sandy, low nutrient Florida soil.

With this new garden box complete with rich organic soil and a capable, knowledgeable company to maintain it, all I have to do is step out my back door and pick fresh organic vegetables for my family to enjoy without the stress of handling the weeding, organic fertilizing and organic pest control myself.

Our new garden box and specialty gardening service from Florida Urban Organic Farm (click here for their FB page) is coming at a particularly good time for our family, as I have just about had it with the organic hydroponic produce at the healthfood store that rots quickly and is basically tasteless. In the past few years, it seems much of the organic produce available commercially is grown hydroponically which is very inferior to soil grown organic produce. If you’ve been buying organic produce for many years as I have, you’ve probably noticed the downhill slide in quality too.

I much prefer the taste and superior nutrition of organic produce grown in cultivated, healthy soil not to mention that it lasts a whole lot longer in the veggie bin.  Now I can have the organic produce I want at a price lower than the monthly cost I would pay to be a member of an organic veggie co-op or an organic community farm!

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Isn’t Your Baby’s Life Worth More Than $250,000?

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist


$250,000 pathetic, measly dollars.

That’s it.  That’s all you get if your baby dies of SIDS or any other condition triggered by a vaccine reaction and you are awarded full and maximum compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

No, you can’t sue. You have no ability to seek further damages with a court trial. Congress has seen to that with the National Vaccine Injury Act passed in 1986 which gives vaccine manufacturers complete immunity for any and all harm caused by their products.

What’s more is that you’ll never get an apology.  You’ll never get admission of guilt.  You’ll never get anyone, any company or any institution to take the blame and say they are terribly sorry for for the tragedy and your never ending emotional pain.

All you get is a check.  Bye.  Go home.  Try to move on and live your life without your darling baby.

Here is the story of 4 month old Vance Vernon Walker.

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