The Beauty of Double Yolk Eggs

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double yolk eggs
I coordinate a couple of local food clubs in my area of town, and we recently began purchasing eggs from a different farmer. These eggs are amazing and quite unlike anything you’ve ever purchased at the store I’m quite sure – organic or not!

Ever seen double yolk eggs before, not just one in a blue moon, but LOTS of them? 

The egg delivery I received this week had eggs so large that some of them looked like duck eggs. In addition, half or maybe more were double yolk eggs! It is easy to see why eggs like this are never in stores. There is little chance they would even fit in a standard size carton!

In addition, eggs this size typically come from layers that are older. Since chickens that mass produce eggs don’t live very long due to unfavorable living conditions, this would also keep egg size in check.

If you’ve never seen eggs like this, why not? Are you still supporting the industrial food complex by buying your eggs at the store, which are, in many cases, months old?

Even organic eggs from the store are no comparison. Just get some farm fresh eggs and compare the difference. Deep golden to orange yolks, much bigger size, stronger shell, better taste, double yolks, cheaper price.

You don’t need any double blind studies to see and taste the difference. Your five senses will do you just fine, thank you!

By the way, if double yolk chicken eggs aren’t easily available to you, look for goose eggs instead. They are becoming more widely available and the larger yolk makes them comparably as rich as their double yolked cousins.

*Thank you to Paul Hardiman for emailing this mouth watering picture to me shortly after Tuesday’s pickup. What a fantastic brunch you enjoyed, Paul!


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