Komen (Not) for the Cure: The Complete and Utter Pinkwashing of America

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October is one of my favorite months of the year.

The cool breezes, the changing leaves, the crisp blue skies …

But recent years has brought a new message our way which is permeating every media outlet imaginable and is anything but enjoyable.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in America and with it comes an annual pinkwashing of the grandest proportions.

Pink gloves and cleats on NFL players, pink sweat bands and referee flags, and pink ribbons worn by TV commentators. Even the National Anthem has been pinkwashed with a giant pink flag in the shape of a ribbon replacing the American flag during the singing of this patriotic song prior to professional sporting events!

To me, this is not only extremely unpatriotic, but downright insulting to our men and women in uniform.

What are these people thinking? Is it so incredibly much to ask for people to actually think before they pink?

Even for those of us who see through the pink propaganda and ignore the media stupidity can’t seem to get away from the zombie like hypnosis that comes over people with regard to supporting the marketing bonanza that is “Breast Cancer Industry Month”.

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I was shocked last week when the team manager for one of my children’s sporting teams pushed to have the children wear pink ribbon socks during games for the month of October.

I politely declined. There’s no way my child will be used as a pawn to support the message of pink hypocrisy that the Susan B. Komen Foundation represents – the organization primarily behind October pink ribbon madness.

“Komen for the Cure”?

Fat chance.

More like “Komen for the Cause”.

A story in Mother Jones explains how Komen continues to insist that bisphenol-A (BPA) exposure via plastics is safe despite more than 130 scientific studies demonstrating a clear connection between bisphenol-A (BPA) exposure and breast cancer. In addition, early exposure to BPA promotes early puberty which is a strong risk factor for breast cancer later in life.

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Moreoever, Komen aggressively mobilizes businesses to display the pink ribbon or color a product pink as a message of “hope” for the “cure”.

This completely unethical raising of funds enlists these businesses to donate portions of their sales revenues to Komen even though many of these products contain carcinogenic, GMO and highly toxic ingredients.

Where does all the millions upon millions of dollars go that the Komen Foundation rakes in every year?

For fiscal year 2009/2010, Komen contributions included:  $141 million for education, $47 million for health screening, and $75 million for research. Fundraising costs and affiliate expenses were approximately $60 million and general administrative costs at $37 million.

  • Not one pink red cent went into education about how diet greatly affects the development of cancer, particularly how cancer thrives on sugar and other toxic foods.  No mention of avoiding junk food and eating whole, organic foods.
  • Komen refuses to acknowledge nontoxic screening alternatives to mammograms. These include thermography and even better, breast ultrasounds which are zero radiation, no compression alternatives that find breast cancer far earlier than mammograms! It is well known that mammograms cause cancer and result in misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatment of thousands of women every single year. In addition, there is zero evidence that mammograms save lives in the majority of cases.
  • The “research” funded by Komen is for the pharmaceutical industry only. Not a dime for Dr. Burzynski in Houston or Dr. Gonzalez in New York (a recent recipient of the Integrity in Science Award from the Weston A. Price Foundation) who are both practicing safe, holistic and highly effective cancer treatments as compared to the living death that is conventional chemo/radiation. Even though Suzanne Somers beat her breast cancer with mistletoe extract injections and wrote a bestseller about it, Komen hasn’t even consulted with her.

Here’s the bitter truth.  Komen doesn’t want a cure.  Pinkwashing is far too lucrative.

How are you opting out of the pinkwashing madness this month?

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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