Grassfed Bait and Switch

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This post serves as a correction to my blog Grassfed Goes Gourmet from yesterday.  In that post, I mentioned that Emeril Lagasse’s new line of steaks were grassfed.

As it turns out, Emeril’s steaks are not grassfed at all.

This grassfed steak saga all started a few months ago when my husband mentioned that the article he was reading over breakfast was about Emeril’s new line of grassfed steaks.

I saved the article (from FastCompany, December 2010) on my stack of things to write about until last week when I wrote the post Grassfed Goes Gourmet.

Shortly after I published the post, my friend Stanley who writes the blog Tender Grassfed Meat, emailed inquiring why I said Emeril’s steaks were grassfed when they were, in fact, grain fed.

Confused, I searched the FastCompany website for the online version of the print article I had originally used for the story.  Unfortunately, I had already recycled the print magazine.

Well, lo and behold, the online story clearly states that Emeril’s steaks are grain fed!

Both my husband and I read the print version of that article and it definitely said the steaks were grassfed!

I have no idea why the print story and the online story are different.  Did I get scammed or was it an honest editing mistake that was missed before the magazine went to print?  Whatever the reason, I wanted to come clean about this as I definitely don’t want to be promoting grain fed steaks!

The basic premise of the Grassfed Goes Gourmet post thankfully does not change .. buy from a local farm, save big bucks doing so, and get yourself grassfed steaks that are far superior nutritionally than the $30/lb steaks that Emeril is selling!




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