pemmican, pemmican recipeImagine it is five hundred years ago and you find yourself traveling across the northern plains during the winter. Temperatures are well below freezing. Wind is strong. Water is scarce, food even scarcer. What would you eat? Where would you find it? Would it be nourishing enough to sustain you? Native Americans understood and had an answer to this problem,

tsa precheck reviewMost parents can attest to the fact that flying with young children can be a stressful if not harrowing experience. In the United States, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) tries to make things a bit easier by allowing families with children aged 12 and under to bypass stringent security measures. This expedited service is known as TSA Precheck,

truth about cancer liveIf you’re like many people interested in natural health, the internet is an overwhelming experience when trying to research holistic health information. There are so many opinions out there (much of it conflicting) that it makes it truly difficult to figure out which alternative methods truly WORK to prevent, fight, and beat cancer.

donald trump raw milkWhatever you may think about President-elect Donald Trump, you have to admit one thing. The guy sure has a ton of energy for 70 years old!

I know plenty of 40-somethings who couldn’t keep up with The Donald’s busy schedule. You probably do too. Not many people could juggle the many businesses comprising his $10 billion empire along with running for President of the United States.

dry briningYears ago, when our family transitioned to locally raised, pastured meats, we had to learn a host of new skills for how to season and cook them. No more store bought pre-seasoned, saline injected McNugget mixtures for us! Crockpots, marinades, and wet brining became our thing.

The first year we purchased a local turkey,

angina treatment without surgeryI enjoy reading books from time to time that challenge everything I think I “know” about a particular subject. Not only is this interesting (at least to me), but I find that it helps me think outside the box, consider new angles, and achieve deeper understanding than I had before. One book that has really blown my mind of late is by Thomas Cowan MD,

mold in fermenting jarsHelp! There’s mold on my ferment!

This is the most frequent question I receive from people learning to culture probiotic and enzyme-rich foods and beverages in their home for the very first time.

Frequently, the email is tinged with concern and for good reason. Fermenting food takes time and costs money.

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