zika false alarm When the media first whipped the public into a froth about the Zika virus and its supposed triggering of microcephalic (small headed) babies in 2015, I was immediately skeptical of the entire story along with many of my friends and colleagues in the field of alternative health.

Major media, after all, doesn’t exactly have a solid reputation for covering epidemics accurately and objectively.

fabric softeners liquidWithout a doubt, fabric softeners are some of the most toxic personal care products sold to unwitting consumers today. This includes products marketed as dryer sheets and laundry detergents that contain fabric softening or anti-static properties.

While fabric softeners work extremely well to soften clothing and reduce static, they can contain hundreds of unlabeled,

no more vaccines

As the public slowly wakes up to the fact that it has been horribly misled about the safety of vaccines particularly for young children with fragile and still developing immune systems, doctors themselves are starting to realize that they’ve been duped too.

One family medical practice in Cool Springs,

enema coffeeThe humble therapy known as the coffee enema is a critical component of the most effective alternative cancer therapies in the world. This includes the Gerson Institute in California and the treatment program used by the late Nicholas Gonzalez MD, an oncologist from New York City.

The ability of coffee enema therapy to rapidly remove toxins from the body to speed healing has generated a groundswell of support from other alternative practitioners.

Gaps Intro successGAPS Intro … GAPS … GAPS Diet … GAPS Intro Diet … GAPS Protocol … Gut and Psychology Syndrome…Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride…Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, ADD, Dyslexia, ADHD, Depression, Schizophrenia…

So many names!

Are you familiar with the GAPS™ Diet?

It’s the gut healing protocol that makes a connection between the health of the gut and the health of brain/body,

citronella, mosquito plantCitronella is the commonly used name for a group of familiar plants best known for insect repelling abilities similar to yarrow.

This herb has such a strong reputation for repelling mosquitoes in particular that a wide variety of products such as live plants, candles, wrist bands, sprays, and tiki torch oils sell like hot cakes to consumers trying to ward off mozzies naturally during warm summer months. 

gluten free banana bread recipe Gluten free banana bread is the latest breakfast craze around our house. Over the years, I’ve made banana bread and banana muffins more ways than I can count.

Usually, I use einkorn flour. Other times, I use coconut flour or almond meal/flour to mix things up and add variety.

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