Family Medical Practice Halts ALL Vaccines Over Autoimmune Concerns

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As the public slowly wakes up to the fact that it has been horribly misled about the safety of vaccines particularly for young children with fragile and still developing immune systems, doctors themselves are starting to realize that they’ve been duped too.

One family medical practice in Cool Springs, Tennessee has responded to this realization by halting the administration of ALL vaccines for its patients due to concerns the shots are triggering an epidemic of autoimmune disease among children.

The statement was written by Dr. Daniel Kalb and published on May 31, 2016 on the Cool Springs Family Medicine website. Note that the announcement  was removed from the clinic’s website shortly after Fox 17 in Nashville picked up the story, likely due to personal and professional threats that the brave staff at the clinic received for its forward thinking move to preserve the health of its patients.

Predictably, within days of Dr. Kalb’s announcement, The Tennessee Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics issued the following rebuttal statement written by Chief Robot Michelle Fiscus, M.D., FAAP, TNAAP Immediate Past President:

The continued spread of misinformation regarding vaccine safety is dangerous, not only to the children for whom vaccines have been refused, but also for the people around them who cannot receive them. Research needs to focus on understanding the true causes of autism, rather than continually needing to debunk the fraudulent work of discredited former physicians. The lives of children affected by autism hang in the balance while some groups put their trust in internet lore and pseudoscience. It’s time to accept the science and make positive movement in autism research and treatment.

The full text of the clinic’s statement is below as recorded and preserved via internet archive. Click here to see the full text as it appeared on the clinic’s website.

No More Vaccines at Cool Springs Family Medicine

May 31, 2016

We will no longer be administering Vaccines at Cool Springs Family Medicine (CSFM).

How come?

1. Because they can cause Autism – yes, I’ve had 15 years’ experience in taking care of ASD kids, that’s a lot of vaccine injury stories from moms. Don’t tell me that they are making it up or they are just reaching for an explanation, or that it was a coincidence or that they are just too stressed, or that they are uninformed. All of those arguments are stupid.

Don’t quote the single study by the CDC that shows that MMR is not linked to Autism. One of the authors of that paper, Dr. Thompson, said that the data was falsified and the study manipulated. So, with this information and the lack of studies that prove the safety of combined vaccines, I can do no harm, so I’m out.

2. Polysorbate 80, Aluminum, formaldehyde, animal DNA with viruses, and many other ingredients in vaccines, are not good to inject into babies. Think of cancer, and autoimmune disease.

3. Epigenetics is a new science that explains exactly why, not every child is going to react the same way to vaccines, and sacrificing the few, for the many is not acceptable. Actually, if you understand the science, which many mothers with vaccine inured children do, you can see that it is actually many that are at risk and are asked to be sacrificed for the few.

4. We can do better. Right now, it is a whole lot cheaper to propagate a multi-million dollar campaign to promote vaccines and hide behind the vaccine injury protection act, than it is to develop a safe vaccine program.

5. Gardasil? Are you kidding me? It is not safe. Just read the package insert and if you are still not convinced, those that developed cervical cancer or neuroimmune disorders or other complications from the vaccine would be glad to talk to you.

6. Vaccine development began in earnest in the 1930’s. Genetics, Epigenetics, the role of environmental toxins on the immune system, is much more recent than that. Guess what? We know a lot more now. Isn’t it time to incorporate that knowledge into the development of safe vaccines?

7. Dr. Andew Wakefield’s research was properly defended and vindicated 4 years ago. The Lancet paper stands: There is a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism.

8. The argument that we will be thrust into the dark ages if we suspend the vaccine program is nonsense. There are many arguments against this, but, to make it simple, we are in the dark ages. We have a plague of autoimmune diseases including Autism. There is a plague of Acquired Immune Dysfunction (ring a bell?).

Listen, I know I have been a little tongue and cheek about this, but really, I could wax on for a long time on any one of the 8 points that I brought up, and I’m sure I could list a lot more. I am not going to do that in cyperspace, I am not going to engage in internet battles, but, just as I have always done, as is my responsibility as a Family Physician, I will be an advocate for each of my patients as best as I know how. Also, I will always continue to respect the informed choices my patients make.

Live Near Cool Springs, Tennessee?

My advice if you live anywhere near Cool Springs, Tennessee? Get on the phone and see if Cool Springs Family Practice can accept your family as patients.

Doctors like Dr.  Kalb that think for themselves and put their patients’ safety first before profits or ego are the type of physicians smart, informed, well-researched parents want examining their children and making health recommendations for their families.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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