homemade apple cider vinegar, how to make apple cider vinegarIt’s apple season in many parts of North America which will continue through the Fall. Time to take advantage of the seasonal bounty and make some raw apple cider vinegar! If you don’t have locally grown apples available in your community, a bag of organic apples from the health food store or veggie co-op will work just fine.

homeopathic treatment for cavitiesEditor’s Note:  Prevention and cure of cavities is based on diet as discovered, researched, and documented by Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS. In certain instances, homeopathic treatment can provide valuable assistance to the healing journey but cannot be viewed as a substitute for a nourishing, Traditional Diet.

The quality of the teeth represents the status of the bone structure of the body.

Traditional Remedies for Modern FamiliesSome of the most frequent email and social media questions I receive pertain to parents seeking nontoxic, holistically minded alternatives for everyday health challenges both for themselves and their children.

The common theme of these reader requests convinced me quite some time ago that the topic of my next book must absolutely be about natural,

tart cherries

Could tart cherry juice be a helpful nutritional remedy to resolve some of your health challenges, improve your level of fitness and even help you sleep better? Read on to see how it helped my friend of many years, Della Powell, mother of 4 and a Tactical Athlete and Crossfit Kettleball Certified Instructor.

ramen noodles on chopsticks

Like many other poor college students, ramen noodles were a primary line item in my bare bones food budget.

Gross at it sounds to me now, I typically ate ramen soup 3-4 times per week.   I loved every. single. bite.   No kidding.

At 10 cents per meal,

heliotherapy benefitsMost are well aware that sunlight exposure is a means to increasing vitamin D levels, yet at the same time we are told to avoid sun exposure especially at midday as it has been implicated in skin cancer, skin damage and premature aging.

The truth is that sensible, non-burning sun exposure preferably at midday with no sunscreen applied is critical to health and not just because it can dramatically boost Vitamin D levels into optimal range.

lunch box snacks I buy

It’s true.

Not all of the lunch box snacks I pack come from the work of my own hands in the kitchen.


Does this surprise you?

It shouldn’t.

The Modern Mother is in one of the most unique and challenging positions –

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