fibromyalgiaIt doesn’t seem like it has been ten years since I was diagnosed with an “incurable” chronic pain disorder, fibromyalgia.

As a physician, like so many of my colleagues, I was stressed, but I didn’t think for a moment that I would succumb to such a debilitating disorder.  It was a humbling experience,

treating fever without drugsMany parents panic when their child has a fever. I did too the first time my child spiked a temperature of 102.5 °F/ 39 °C. It is a scary thing to hold your child and they are hot, flushed and obviously very uncomfortable.

It is important to learn ways to manage your child’s fever and not lower it artificially with over the counter medications.

Akron Children's HospitalThe alarming saga of Andy and Anna Hershberger and their 10 year old daughter Sarah, who is now in complete remission from lymphoblastic lymphoma, an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, has taken yet another dramatic turn.

A heated court battle has been ongoing for months since Andy and Anna decided to forgo a second round of chemotherapy treatments for Sarah at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio after witnessing her terrible suffering and her continual pleading for the treatments to stop.

seasoning salt recipeA basic homemade seasoning salt recipe is made by blending together a base of salt with a carefully chosen selection of herbs and spices. It is an absolute must in the kitchen of every Traditional Cook!

The problem with conventional seasoned salt blends sold in supermarkets is that highly processed white salt is used as the base with ersatz,

flu shots for the heart

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the pharmaceutical industry could get any more desperate than this latest attempt to trigger a stampede to the nearest Walgreens:

As millions of Americans continue to reject annual flu shots doubtful of both safety and efficacy, a new “study” conveniently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association just as the new flu season begins claims that those who get their annual influenza jab might enjoy a 55 percent reduced chance of heart problems in the coming year.

Wise Traditions 2013We are only two weeks away from the start of the world’s premier annual nutrition conference – Wise Traditions 2013.

With over 1500 attendees and over 40 speakers, this conference provides a lively three-day weekend of learning and fun. Many attendees return year after year, giving Wise Traditions the feel of a family reunion,

Online breastmilk

A study published two days ago in the Journal Pediatrics is sure to give new mothers pause and potentially dampen growth of the burgeoning online business of breastmilk exchange and non-commercial milkshare.

The practice has seen a surge in recent years as new mothers unable to nurse their babies or finding themselves short on supply have turned to internet websites where mothers with ample supply offer human milk for donation or purchase.

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