My whole family ate dinner last night at Beef O’Brady’s with a bunch of friends after a soccer game..   I hate Beefs because everytime I eat there I usually leave feeling pretty rotten.   And, if I don’t feel terrible when I walk out of the place, it is a pretty good bet that I will feel terrible within a few hours or the next morning when I wake up.

By Guest Blogger Paula Jager CSCS

Need to unload some weight, tone up and get your body moving? It doesn’t need to be complicated–there are many excellent workouts that can be done with bodyweight alone. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part series which will cover the basic bodyweight exercises in the areas of legs,

I did a poll on the blog a few months back and learned that over a quarter of Healthy Home Economist readers have less than 2 years experience cooking and eating Real Food.    As a result, I thought it would be of benefit for me to interview Kelly the Kitchen Kop about her new E-Course “

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a few moments, shall we? 

Not so many months ago, in the Spring of 2009, the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) made its grand entrance onto the media scene.

Front page articles and leading TV news stories were the order of the day.  Everyone seemed petrified that this was the next flu pandemic,

dry cleaningDry cleaning is big business in developed nations around the world.    According to Proctor and Gamble, the average woman spends about $1500 per year on dry cleaning.   Even more surprising, 65% of clothes that are dry cleaned are actually machine washable!

Most folks don’t give a second thought to how their clothes are dry cleaned or what chemicals are used.

moody brain on sugarFood most definitely impacts moods!

If you doubt that, consider how children frequently get extremely crabby and impatient when they eat a lot of sugar or junk food.

The same thing happens to adults!  Sugar in particular can bring on depression symptoms in a hurry.

The best book that describes this process in detail and how to take control and solve it for good is by Julia Ross –

By Guest Blogger Paula Jager, CSCS

I asked for interaction and feedback in my last guest post and boy, did I get it!  Excellent questions everyone.  To those that contacted me directly I have already responded. I didn’t want to not answer anyone’s questions so we will do so on today’s blog and it’s a long one.

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