Last week, I blogged about the latest study that links pesticide exposure in children to ADHD.    Now, another study has linked repeated pesticide exposure in adults with an increase in the risk of dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease)!    The study, posted in the May 2010 issue of Neurology, is an observational study and further study is needed to determine if it is a true causal link.

There seems to be a common, yet major misconception that gut health is something that is achieved, a destination on one’s journey to health that can be moved down the priority list once a certain set of symptoms are reduced or no longer appear on the radar screen.    Got gut problems or been on a round of antibiotics?  

wheyDo you know how to make whey from yogurt, kefir or raw milk? A by-product of this simple technique is nutrient rich cream cheese that is loaded with enzymes and probiotics.

The recipe below describes how with visual instructions via video demonstration!

How to Make Whey the REAL Way

Making real,

delayed cord clamping to obtain cord bloodBanking of a fetal stem cells after birth is an increasingly popular option for health savvy parents. It provides a sort of additional health insurance policy for baby and other family members. Fetal cord blood banking involves obtaining 3-5 oz of umbilical cord blood. Delayed cord clamping is not given as an option.

Once retrieved,

vaccine risksVaccination is an extremely controversial topic these days. Whatever side of the aisle you may fall with regard to your opinion about vaccination, one thing is for certain. The choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate is a decision that has the potential to greatly impact the health of you and most importantly, your children for the rest of their lives.

Blogging is an interesting endeavor, quite unlike anything else I have ever experienced before.    On the one hand, I have found that most of the blog topics that are my own ideas tend to come from things I am currently wrestling with in my own life or experiences that happen from day to day that impact the message of True Wellness –

I had an interesting conversation with a lady of about 70 years old at the healthfood store the other day.    She was telling me why pasteurized milk was the way to go, and why pasteurized skim milk, in particular, was the healthiest choice.     She didn’t seem to understand why a woman my age would be interested in buying fresh,

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