Virgin Coconut Oil Halts Severe Dementia in 35 Days

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist September 23, 2011
Coconut (halved)

Does Your Brain Need Coconut Oil?

Mary Newport has much reason to celebrate these days.

After helplessly watching her 58 year old husband rapidly degenerate into severe dementia only 5 years after MRI diagnosis with Alzheimer’s, Mrs. Newport decided to pursue unorthodox treatment of his condition with virgin coconut oil instead of the expensive drug Axena which has the drawback of producing intestinal distress in some patients and wears off within just a few hours of ingestion.

Mary Newport, a neonatal pediatrician at Spring Hill Regional Hospital in Florida, learned through research that the active ingredient in Axona is MCT, also known as Medium Chain Triglycerides, a saturated fat used to treat epilepsy as well as in neonatal feeding programs.

Since Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is loaded with MCTs, Dr. Newport began an intensive feeding program for her husband that consisted of a mixture of 2 TBL virgin coconut oil and the MCT pharmaceutical isolate with every meal.

Within 35 days, Steve Newport’s rapid neurological decline was arrested and 18 months later he had recovered enough brain function and normal behavior to test as only a mild case of Alzheimer’s – the same tests which before starting the VCO feeding program had indicated that he was borderline severe dementia.

As a bonus, Steve Newport’s cholesterol profile has improved significantly by adding this healthy saturated fat to his diet with good cholesterol (HDL) going up and bad cholesterol (LDL) going down.

Dr. Newport now travels all over the United States relaying the remarkable story of her husband’s recovery from borderline severe dementia using VCO to essentially rebuild his brain.

She is a strong advocate for continued research into the use of MCTs as a therapy for those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other debilitating neurological diseases.

Coconut Oil Provides SuperFuel to the Brain

Dr. Bruce Fife, author of Stop Alzheimer’s Now, recommends VCO instead of MCT drugs such as Axona because the drugs become ineffective over time, wear off quickly, have side effects and cause free radical damage to the cells.

When the MCTs in virgin coconut oil are converted into ketones they act as a super fuel for the brain.  This super fuel provides energy to the brain as well as stimulates healing and repair.

It is the chemical structure of  the MCTs in coconut oil that allows them to pass the blood-brain barrier which ordinary food or oils cannot.

How to Source Quality Virgin Coconut Oil

If someone you love is suffering from a neurodegenerative illness, help them by adding virgin coconut oil to their diet!  The research is showing what Traditional Cultures such as those in the Pacific Islands have known for centuries – coconut oil helps keep you healthy!

To source, please refer to my Resources page which identifies companies that offer only the finest organic Virgin Coconut Oil from sustainable sources.



Source:  The Philippine Inquirer, Virgin Coconut Oil Hailed as  a Cure for Alzheimer’s

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  1. I’m sold on the benfits of coconut oil and have been for a long time. However, you refer to Mary Newport as “Mrs.” and then advise that she is a physician. Shouldn’t you refer to her as Dr. Newport? Just sayin’ :-)

  2. the other point is, making changes in conjunction with adding some of these things like coconut oil ALS and Alzheimer patients normally carry a very high xenobiotic train (chem trail) in the body tissues, heavy metals etc. there are multiple aspects that need to be incorporated and changed in ones diet & lifestyle to bring about a greater health change and start the healing process. There is never going to be a just do or take “this” aspect that is going to heal or change something in the body. The body is way more intricate than that.

  3. Christine Evans Norman via Facebook August 30, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    Thanks Sherry Ortiz! After reading this, it sounds like something we should all be doing. I’m going to get some this weekend and give it a try. Zendra Ellen Nichols do you know about this?

  4. Could you give further info of the “and the MCT pharmaceutical isolate with every meal.” Was this something in addition to the coconut oil? I remember reading earlier in the article that the oil was the MCT so I was a little confused by this part of the remedy. Thanks for clarifying.

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  6. Mamahen Jenica via Facebook August 30, 2014 at 3:51 am

    Does anyone know if there is a child protocol for this? My son has trisomy 21 which puts him at a high risk for Alzheimer’s.

  7. Daniela Ragusa via Facebook August 30, 2014 at 3:39 am

    When my mom was diagnosed with ALS, we had read that consuming coconut oil and massaging it into the skin would stave off progression. We tried it. It didn’t. I do believe diet can help prevent disease, and I do use coconut oil, but until there are conclusive and repeatable scientific studies that objectively demonstrate and prove that coconut oil can reserve conditions like ALS and ALZHEIMER’S, let’s be more sceptical of stories like this. Just because it happened once (or seemed to happen, since correlation does not equal causation) , doesn’t mean it will happen again, or for all people. Grain of salt.

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  9. Any ideas how to work the coconut oil into the diet of someone who is sold on the low fat lie? My 88 year old mom complains if I put 1tsp in her oatmeal. She won’t eat/drink my home made kefir or yogurt, doesn’t like the texture. Thanks

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  12. Coconut oil is amazing! This week I got a cold sore and I reach for the oil verses abreva! I had such better results, it was like a miracle. I couldn’t believe it.

  13. Rioj Jacob Thomas March 11, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    If any body need pure virgin coconut oil from Kerala(Land of Coconuts) in India. We are now importing them to Calgary,Alberta and will be able ship them to you in and around Canada or United States for a small shipment price.

    PS.: Not using it as a medium to do sales; the main idea of importing VCO to Canada is to help with Multiple sclerosis and alzheimer’s patients. And as someone mentioned it may not cure but its always better to see our family members in good health than being very sick.

  14. Hey guys, I have been on NOW virgin organic coconut oil softgels for about a month. I get 120 capsules for around $8. I can’t help but notice the fact that I can remember most phone numbers spoken to me when I am driving and can’t write them down. That is amazing! AND last night at a restaurant the waiter spun off a list of specials for the night which I was able to repeat to my mother. WOW I couldn’t do either of these things one month ago! I am excited as my mother has some dimentia and it seems that some of us have inherited the gene. So, this is encouraging to me. Will let you know how she progresses once I get her on it :)

  15. Terry, I think the pharmacy companies would try to cover it up instead since people would be able to grow their own. Poor countries who have huge resources of it could become wealthy. People might more discoveries by working harder with natural cures. Too many would be out of a profit.
    Happy to know you trust God and I just prayed for you. God has dominion over all.
    If you believe in the gift he gave the lady, then you may be next in line.
    I hear an old song playing in my head, “it is no secret what God can do, what he’s done for others he will do for you”. Also I saw God do it for my mom, she went into a coma while suffering from dementia. No one thought she would ever wake p but she did and she was 50% better. Only God! God who gives wisdom is also able to maintain it. Put it all in his hands and push…pray.until.something.happens! Use that coconut oil and it may work for you as much as the dirt Jesus mixed up and used on eyes to give sight to a blind man. I don’t believe it was the mixture but just having something tangible done. Sometimes people need things like that to sort of make a connection with. Once you improve you will say I used the coconut oil but you will know it was God. Just like you knew it for another!
    God ‘s to a blessing with our name on it…Amen!

  16. I have read the doctors blog, or webpage about this ground breaking information about Virgin Coconut Oil, but I am more than a little skeptical about it. I have Cognitive Dementia in the early stages. Several Neurologist that I have gone to say that there is no stopping the Dementia and it will only get worse. I have had so many people whose intentions are good, say ti me, “you should try this and you should try that” It’s really very disappointing when you get your hopes up and then nothing happens. I believe that if the Pharmaceutical Companies know that this works, they would make it in capsule form like Fish Oil. The amount of Media attention they would get they would make millions of dollars off of the “New Wonder Treatment”. I will try it, but I am very skeptical about the results.

    I believe in God, and I think that what happened to her Husband’s Alzheimer’s is a gift and another example of God’s miracles.

    • Terry you can get coconut oil in capsule form and you don’t need a prescription– go for it!. It can only help ,it won’t harm. Let it be God’s gift for you too. Blessings.

  17. i have high cholesterol. was up to 287. now at 225. does virgin coconut oil raise your cholesterol? can’t take chol. meds. i have really bad side effects. even memory loss from wellchol. went off and will never take them again.

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  19. Without even knowing the extent of the benefits, I’ve been putting it in my Vi shakes every morning. Between the nutritional value of the shakes and the healing properties of the coconut oil, all of my GI issues have gone away! Thanks for sharing this…great info!!

  20. I am curious about the mention of coconut oil being used in “neonatal feeding programs.” I have a baby with feeding issues (long story) and I do give her some coconut oil every day as it is a safe food for her and a healthy fat. However I am curious how it might be used by the pros.

  21. Hi Sarah,

    I’ve heard that most expellar pressed, refined coconut oils are made from dried copra. If it is organic and doesn’t use any chemicals or solvents during processing, is it still good to use?

    • Copra is the meat and kernel of the coconut. So, copra IS coconut. Of course it would be best to use organic coconut oil.

  22. I had read a study about VCO in terms of helping people with Down syndrome (I have a young son with Down syndrome). This article certainly reinforces that study (it seems that the brains of people with Alzheimers are similar in some manner to the brains of people with Down syndrome). I do have a couple of questions, however. Does heating destroy the benefit (do you believe my son will receive the benefit if it is cooked into a baked good?)? Do you know if there is recommended dosages for different weights (my 7 year old son is 40 lbs)? Are there certain foods that counter its benefit? Thank you for any assistance.

    • Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist

      Hi Jackie, coconut oil is very heat resistant and is so one of the best cooking oils for this reason. Yes, there will be much benefit to it even if you fry pancakes in it for example. I myself mixed a couple TBL into bowl of hot, soaked oatmeal for breakfast this morning. Rubbing it on the skin has benefits as well as some absorption takes place even this way.
      Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist\’s last post: Virgin Coconut Oil Halts Severe Dementia in 35 Days

    • Rioj Jacob Thomas March 11, 2013 at 10:26 pm

      Coconut oil as its purely natural it can be used in any form. It can used for cooking purposes, you can use it raw, you can use it as body lotion or hair oil. The best part is it doesnt have any side effects if used well. I would suggest you to use 1-2 teaspoons max a day.

  23. ive had a brain stroke – now ive recovered but my memory fails terribly? would this coconut oil help? by the way if i drink coconut milk will it be helpful?

    • Yes!

      Get Bruce Fife’s latest book Stop Alzheimer’s Now, which discusses all neurodegenerative conditions.

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  25. Nearly 3 mo I got strep throat. I treated it at home on my own and recovered. But then I got it again shortly afterwards and it was so bad I woke up choking on my uvula it was so swollen. I decided to go to the Dr and get on abx. I felt wonderful on the abx and like a new person. The best I’d felt in a long time. But as soon as the abx ran out my throat started swelling and hurting. I got another strep test but it was negative. So I started taking coconut oil to treat it. It made a huge difference. The pain and swelling is gone but if I look in the mirror I can see my tonsils still don’t look normal. However if I ever slack off the coconut oil and take less than 3 tbsp a day my throat starts to swell up. It’s very frustrating that I can’t knock whatever this is. But I’m also so grateful for the coconut oil. I’d be a mess without it. It keeps the swelling under control and helps me get through the day. I’m trying to double it now to get up to 6 tbsp a day to see if it helps even more. It has NOT however helped me lose any weight. LOL

  26. EVCO is a staple in our household! We eat it by the bucket full! It’s also fantastic for diabetics since it doesn’t require insulin to get into the cells! One of my #1 most beloved foods!

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  28. The last couple of times I visited Green Pasture they are not carrying coconut oil. This makes me sad because I like the taste and smell of theirs more than any other brand. And I like that it comes in a gallon-sized plastic jar, which is much easier to work with than those buckets that require a special tool to remove the lid. Does anyone know what gives on their CO?

      • Yes, that’s what I purchased last time. By the way, can I expect pretty much the same health benefits from the expeller pressed oil as from the virgin oil? I realize it’s not the same but I read somewhere . . . anyway, I needed to keep the expense as low as possible as I am on low income, but am hoping the non-scented one will be almost as good. Would I need to increase my daily usage of it to get the benefits of virgin oil?

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  30. I just received this blog post from Chris Kresser and towards the bottom of the article he mentions that folks should probably not be using so much coconut flour on these newfangled, old idea paleo diets. Check it out by reading his blog here:

    Wow, his information on eating nuts and the list of phytic acid containing foods is enough to make one want to take a long walk off a short pier. Is there anything left in this world we can eat and NOT cause ourselves problems? I tend to want to agree more with Elizabeth Walling (at Nourished Life) that the stress of worrying about what to eat and what not to eat is more damaging than the food, by a long shot.

    • The traditional cultures that ate these foods also ate a LOT of animal foods by today’s standards. My pet theory is that the animal foods are protective, particularly the fats, organs, and eggs–sound familiar? Even the Kitavans, touted as a living example of healthy high-carb eaters, are still eating fish (and possibly other meat-type foods?), and they get saturated fat from the coconuts they eat. As long as people in our culture continue to have a blind spot about the health benefits of eating critters (even a lot of Paleo/Primal people think they’re for obtaining protein and little else!), we’ll continue having to worry about the plants we eat.

      Another approach is to eat foods seasonally. Eating walnuts in summertime really isn’t seasonal. But taking that approach means you’re not spending the whole year round, eating the same kind of plant food and mega-dosing on its native toxins.

      Something to think about, anyway.

  31. thanks for this post, i’d read about this previously but good to see it again. i’m always looking for new ways to incorporate the recommended amount into my daily diet. i don’t like it enough to eat straight, and don’t care for it added to hot tea. i do use it for cooking but not every day. any other, preferably low carb, suggestions from anyone?

  32. This is very interesting! I keep telling everyone how good coconut oil is. It is good to eat and put on you body. So it is even helpful to people with ms? I shall recommend it to a family member or maybe I’ll give it to her for Christmas.

  33. Jan Posch via Facebook September 23, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    I put it in my kefir smoothie every morning, too, but I don’t heat it. It blends in just fine, which I have to admit did surprise me.

    • So do I! It’s a fabulous way to ensure I can put lots of fruit in my smoothie and not spike my blood sugar. Of course, it also tastes fantastic, especially with some banana!

  34. Sarah,
    I get so confused when I start looking at buying coconut oil. I have recently had Nutiva and the taste is great. Is there a reason you don’t reccomend it. (I have not tried the Wilderness family brand) There is so much info out there, that I just get so mind boggled. Some say don’t use the heat process ex. expreller pressed. Etc, etc. I did also try the tropical traditions brand and I thought it was piecey. not smooth but that is one of the most reccommended brands on alot of the real food blogs. PLease help us confused women out!!!!

    • Wildnerness Family Naturals shouldn’t really be on this list of Sarah’s because if you read the fine print, it’s refined. I was under the impression we are only supposed to look for unrefined oils, as much as possible. I am having NO luck finding an unrefined olive oil. I have yet to find olive oil which looks “cloudy” either. I did find one site a while ago with unrefined olive oil but it had to come from overseas and the shipping was outrageous and it wasn’t listed as coming from an organic source – and I was supposed to buy a whole gallon. Cripes, I wouldn’t use a whole gallon in five years! I mostly use avocado oil, coconut oil, real butter, ghee, lard, tallow, bacon grease from our milkfed pork, etc. Guess I can live without olive oil, although I used to like to use it for my homemade mayonnaise. Most of the olive oil on store shelves is rancid from the get-go and smells/tastes just awful. It was NOT complementary to my homemade foods. But I’ve never tried coconut oil in mayo either. Think that would work??

        • What do you think of their expeller pressed ultra clean supreme kind? Or do you only recommend the raw oil? Or do you use raw for some and the expeller pressed for others? I tried tropical traditions and didn’t really like it. I haven’t tried Nutiva.

          Thanks -

        • Sarah, the last gallon I bought from Wilderness Family Natural said, in very small print on the side of the label on the gallon plastic container, “refined”. I was very surprised to see it but there it was. I bought it on sale for $30/gal right directly from their web site. Maybe the reason it was so cheap at that time is because they were culling their stock and then going to totally unrefined, I don’t know. All I know is we saved the container and my granddaughter plays with it. I just looked again at the label and it says refined coconut oil in small print on the left-hand side of the label, towards the top.

          • Here’s exactly what the label says, verbatim: “Wilderness Family Naturals Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is a high quality refined coconut oil. It is made by mechanical pressing and contains no solvents or chemicals. This oil is not hydrogenated and contains no trans fats. It is also analyzed for and contains no aflatoxins. In addition, because this oil is expeller pressed and refined, it does not contain a coconut taste, but has a neutral flavor. Lauric acid and other medium chain fatty acids naturally occur in this quality cooking oil”.

            I guess the main difference I can see is that some are cold pressed, some are expeller pressed, and some are centrifuged.

          • I have a jar of the same refined coconut oil, but I purchased that jar deliberately because I know that refined coconut oil has no flavor or coconut scent and I wanted a healthy, safe fat for high heat cooking that didn’t add coconut flavor to foods (some things are enhanced by the coconut flavor, but it doesn’t go well with everything). I also have extra virgin coconut oil that does have the coconut flavor and scent, which I use for those foods that are complemented by the flavor. It makes sense to have BOTH in your kitchen so that you have a healthy fat for high heat cooking of a variety of dishes. The other flavorless and odorless oils out there for cooking are mostly unsafe polyunsaturated (unstable and easily damaged by heat) oils, which is why it is a great idea to have some refined coconut oil on hand (that is unless EVERYTHING you cook is enhanced by coconut flavor/scent).

          • Dr Bruce Fife in his newest book Stop Alzheimer’s Now says that raw/virgin and expeller pressed coconut oil are both beneficial. I highly recommend his book, released since this post was written.

      • I have used the Wilderness Family refined coconut oil and Chaffin Family Orchards Extra Virgin Olive Oil in proportions of approx 2/3 coconut to 1/3 olive oil. (I grew up on Best Foods and the flavor of full olive oil is too much). That does not become hard in the fridge and tastes pretty decent to us. I’ve read the Wilderness Family refined is still good to use. Hope that helps.

        • I sometimes mix coconut oil with my real homemade buter for something different. I also sometimes mix small amounts of coconut oil and Kerrygold Butter together because lately the Kerrygold is terribly salty. The label does not say if it’s plain ol’ salt of if it’s sea salt or celtic salt or what, so I have to assume it’s just regular salt. I wish Kerrygold made an unsalted version – I’d love to use it for making ghee sometime.

          I tried the oil mixture from Mary Enig (WAPF) with sesame oil, olive oil and coconut oil mixed together but I hated it, and my DH REALLY hated it. I do not care for sesame oil (too strongly flavored) and until I find a quality, good tasting, good smelling olive oil, I won’t be trying it again anytime soon. (Sorry Mary!).

          • Kerrygold does make unsalted butter–the one I have in my freezer is unsalted, cultured butter in a silver, rather than gold, wrapping. It probably is just less commonly sold. Maybe try a different store?

          • D. what type of sesame oil were you using? Toasted or just plain expeller pressed? The plain, expeller pressed has NO flavor and is very mild. It can be used in mayonnaise and salad dressings with no noticeable flavor. The toasted sesame oil is very strong tasting and should be used in small amounts for flavoring. It is great in stir frys etc. Maybe that is why you didn’t like the flavor of the oil blend….

      • People jump on olive oil bandwagon all. the. time. I don’t think the olive oil we get in the states is healthy. But the, apparently, good stuff is expensive. I like to make homemade caesar dressing with raw egg yolks so I do buy the expensive yet crappy olive oil from the health food store but after reading your post, I’m going to figure something else out.

    • Love Nutiva coconut oil! The company’s own website has an awesome sale right now on coconut oil too! And if you google it, you can find an additional $10 off coupon code (I can’t recall the code off hand).

  35. This is just another advertisement for an expensive supplement. It is old news. I resent the websites that lure you into thinking that you can treat something with natural foods, but instead want to sell you a pricy supplement. Then you are sent to another site to buy a video or newsletter. I just want to know how to eat right. BTW, I have purchased the coconut oil for baking and use olive oil for savory dishes and cooking. I am not opposed to buying whole foods and do buy some supplements, but the list seems to on and on.

    • Yes, I do think there are too many supplements out there today, but appropriate, good quality supplements may be a great way to improve a certain disease or problem. Eating well might not be enough if someone’s body has been abused by the wrong foods over the years, or before they were born (mom’s health/diet in pregnancy). Carefully selected supplements may help kick start the journey toward wellness. :)
      marina\’s last post: 4-Vegetable Spread

      • Coconut oil is not considered a supplement, it’s a food which consequently has supplement advantages. You can buy coconut oil capsules if that’s what you mean, but that’s not what this article is all about. I use 3 TBSP coconut oil (right off the spoon) and let it melt in my mouth every day for health reasons and for assistance in maintaining a healthy weight. I use Nutiva which I buy from Amazon or Vitacost.

    • This is not an ad for an expensive supplement. It’s a vital new (to many) piece of information that could be life-changing for someone on a quick downhill slide into Alzheimer’s. MCT oil is the part of raw coconut oil that will make a difference for those people and is very economical in price. Compare that to the pricey new Axona or any of the standard (and not very effective) pharmaceuticals for Alzheimer’s. Please read Dr.Newport’s story.
      For the rest of us, this is one more reason for us to incorporate VCO into our diet as a way of “eating right”. Not complicated at all.

    • Just to balance this thought out…what about the pharmaceutical industry? Wow, if we want an example of expensive products advertised to treat various conditions, nothing compares! Currently there are new mental conditions invented all the time in order to create a market for new drugs–drugs whose advertisements fill the pages of most every magazine you pick up and fill commercial space on television every 15 minutes. Remember these drugs would never occur in the form they are in in nature, all of them have side effects, the vast majority of them do not cure disease, but merely help to manage them and their symptoms, AND Big Pharm makes billions upon billions off of them. The more we seek out ways to truly cure diseases and conditions with healthy foods and lifestyle, the better off we will be in the long run–and we won’t need expensive, unnatural drugs either!

    • Jane – really? Do you know what you’re talking about? Coconut oil is not a supplement. It’s a food. And BTW, you shouldn’t be cooking with olive oil. Once heated, it destroys the healthy properties. That’s why you buy it cold-pressed. I don’t find your post offensive; I just find you uneducated.

    • You don’t have to get fancy organic virgin coconut oil to get MCTs. I can’t afford fancy organic virgin coconut oil. Instead of whining about people who dare to need things like groceries and rent money even though they blog for free, I go to Kroger and pick up a jar of LouAna coconut oil. Nice and cheap and it still does me good. So does the CAFO butter I also buy at Kroger. The only reason I don’t also buy milk and cream at Kroger is because Kroger adulterates their heavy whipping cream with skim milk (wth???) and I have found a brand that is cheaper per gallon and is grass-fed. Pure accident, and not everyone can be lucky like me, I recognize. But we all do what we can, and I don’t care what anybody says, eating the right foods but getting them from less than premium sources is better than, say, going low-fat raw vegan.

      You do what you can do. And by the way, blogging’s work. I keep one and while I’ve got almost 500 fans on Facebook now, I recognize I could be a lot better at it–if I had a couple hours a day to write and do research, and I have five cats and a homeschooled six-year-old and a man in the house who doesn’t know how to clean, so that’s out of the question. I completely understand why some bloggers sell ebooks. Every little bit helps. Otherwise you are typing your fingers off getting nothing but good feelings and the occasional irate person yelling at you for all your trouble.

      • What is the heavy cream brand? I can’t always get it from my raw milk dairy, so I would appreciate being able to find the next best thing.

  36. Thanks for this information Sarah. My son has a benign type of epilepsy and I’m thinking the Virgin Coconut Oil might be helpful if MCT is used to treat epilepsy.

  37. Wow…we are using coconut oil with our daughter who has learning disabilities…we have not been very diligent but we will start! Great post! Thanks

    • You may want to look into the GAPS diet to help learning disabilities. We are doing this with our two children and have seen improvement.

  38. My Dad is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and is sitting here with me as I read this. What is “MCT pharmaceutical isolate”?

    • Halting is not the same as curing. Like, if you halt the progress of a tumor, the tumor is still there, it’s just not growing anymore. Hence the choice of words used. I don’t think the article is misleading at all. And if your choices are watch your husband continue to deteriorate or “only” improve him, it’s not tough to figure out what 99.9 percent of wives would choose.

      I wonder what she’s doing about his refined carb intake. The sugar in particular–Alzheimer’s is called Type 3 diabetes in certain circles. If she hasn’t addressed that yet, that’s something else she can do.

  39. Linda Giangregorio via Facebook September 23, 2011 at 11:01 am

    I heard similar stories like this last year, I instantly went out and found the best cold pressed raw virgin coconut oil I could find. It’s the only thing I cook, or bake with.


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