Video: American Gestapo in Action

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Yesterday, I wrote about how the FDA is morphing into an American version of the Gestapo of Nazi Germany during WW II. The Department of Agriculture has a similar track record and has been making a practice lately of illegally confiscating fresh milk produced by small farms from law abiding, tax paying citizens.

The milk stolen is not paid for and no laws are being broken. It is simply bully tactics from an increasingly bold Government Bureaucracy that arrogantly believes that it should have the power to choose the food consumed by everyday Americans.

Below is 2 minute video of a recent such seizure in Minnesota. Since when is milk fresh from the farm treated like an illegal drug?

Even if you do not drink fresh milk from the farm, I hope you are outraged by what you see below.   While I do not eat Twinkies, people certainly have the right to choose to eat Twinkies and if a government agent illegally seized someone’s Twinkie stash, I would be extremely outraged at such a blatant violation of the US Constitution.

Can we afford to give the FDA even more power under S.510 now cloaked as an amendment to HR 3082?   Absolutely not!

Please contact your Senators once again and ask that they “Vote “NO” on cloture for H.R. 3082 and to oppose the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act”!   Click here to sign the petition that will be sent to your Senators’ offices by fax.   Alternatively, you can call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senators by name to express your disapproval.

It is OUTRAGEOUS that a food safety bill is stealthily included in a spending bill! Watch this video below to be even more outraged at the blatant disregard for basic American freedom that our government officials now have:


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