Vaccine Exemptions Under Dire Threat

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The gloves have come off.

Since the H1N1 fiasco two years ago, Big Pharma is now officially losing the vaccine safety debate.

With the CDC’s recent announcement that autism is up 78% in 10 years with a shocking 1 in 54 boys now autistic and large scale international surveys reporting that unvaccinated children have far fewer health and behavior problems than their vaccinated peers, hollow assurances by pediatricians and government officials that vaccines pose no threat to children’s health are no longer working.   Parents are taking matters into their own hands and opting out of the mandatory vaccine schedule in increasing numbers.

Big Pharma’s response?

Forget the debate.   Time to legislate.

The first shot across the bow indicating that the vaccine debate had taken a very ugly turn occurred when Governor Brown signed AB499 in California in October 2011 which allows vaccination of minor children without parental consent.

Now, vaccine exemptions themselves are under fire from coast to coast.

In Vermont, Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen has joined forces with State Senator Kevin Mullin and State Representative George Till to disallow the philosophical exemption to vaccination with 2 separate bills: S. 199 and H. 527.

In typical bureaucratic fashion, Dr. Chen talks out of both sides of his mouth when discussing the issue. While claiming that he has “absolute respect” for parents “to make their own decisions”, he speciously joins with medical trade organizations underwritten by vaccine manufacturers to conspire to take away the right of Vermont parents to make vaccine decisions for their children.

New Threat in California – Worse Than AB499

In California, a similar and very troubling situation has emerged.

AB2109 introduced by Assembly Member Dr. Richard Pan MD would require parents to obtain the signature of a MD, nurse practicioner, or physician’s assistant before exercising their philosophical exemption for opting out of vaccination for their children.  Chiropractors and naturopaths are not permitted to sign.

In other words, if AB2109 becomes law, a parent needs permission to exercise their freedom to opt out of  a voluntary medical procedure.  A similar bill became law in Washington State just last year.

Would a conventional medico actually sign the form in the first place?   Fat chance.  Here’s why according to Dr. Tim O’Shea in a recent newsletter:

  • They won’t meet their quota of vaccinated children in order to get their bonuses.
  •  They will get reduced reimbursement rates from insurance companies because of the vaccination requirements.
  • They will be afraid of liability in case the unvaccinated child they signed for gets a disease from the vaccinated.

That’s right.  Docs get paid nice bonuses for meeting vaccination quotas.  That’s why you’re shown the door as a patient in many cases if you don’t vaccinate.

Time to Resist or Lose Your Freedom to Opt Out

The window for vaccine exemption is closing and it’s closing fast.  The chances of AB2109 passing in California are high given how easily a similar bill passed in Washington state where many more informed parents opt out of vaccines than in California.

Once California falls, other states will domino in line within just a few years and that is virtually guaranteed unless a massive resistance is quickly formed.

If you live in California, it’s time to raise a ruckus.

Be in Sacramento at the hearing on April 17, 2012 at 1:30 pm Room 4202.  The address is: 1301 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

You can also flood your state representative’s office with calls about this bill.  This is not a time to be nice and quietly express your concern over AB2109.  It’s time to be outraged and demand that this bill and the huge threat to health freedom it represents be stopped.

Click here to find your California representative with easy links for contacting them.

This current bill represents the largest threat to vaccine choice yet. What will your response be?


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