Nosodes: Homeopathic Alternative to Vaccines

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Have you ever noticed that the never ending controversy surrounding vaccination always seems to focus on the black or the white of the issue?

The Black:

Vaccinate your child and while you run the risk of vaccine injury, you can rest easy not worrying that your child may contract a potentially deadly disease such as polio.

The White:

Don’t vaccinate your child and while you may avoid the inherent risks of vaccine injury, you still run the risk of your child contracting and being harmed or killed from an epidemic type disease such as the recent measles outbreak in France.

The trouble with viewing the issue of vaccination in this manner is that very little, if anything in this world is so black and white!  Both the black and the white aspects of the argument have flaws.

Many people get so emotionally invested in either the white or black side of the vaccination argument that they are prevented intellectually from seeing the glaring holes in the opinions they hold.

Truly educating oneself about vaccination requires an open minded analysis of the gray areas. These are the very areas that pharmaceutical companies and most likely your own doctor don’t like to admit even exist. Admitting these gray areas have validity means that the haste to vaccinate at a well child visit would be greatly reduced or eliminated. Parents would become more comfortable with a wait and see attitude with regard to the insanely aggressive CDC vaccination schedule.

Taking the urgency out of vaccination is not exactly part of Big Pharma’s marketing plan!  Remember the shortage of Swine Flu vaccines back in the Fall of 2009 and how this created huge lines of suckers people waiting with their sleeves rolled up?  Just a few short weeks later when all the pharmacies were overstocked with Swine Flu jabs, you couldn’t pay people to get one.

So, let’s go there then.  Let’s examine a very important gray area of the vaccination issue that is rarely discussed or written about.

Nosodes Instead of Shots

What if you could skip all those toxic vaccines and still provide your child with protection? What if this protection extended to travel overseas and during epidemics? Such an option exists – green vaccines are a reality today!

Loree, a reader in Luxembourg, recently wrote to me about a measles outbreak in France. The area Loree lives in Luxembourg City gets many French tourists for shopping and dining. Loree wrote me as she was worried whether she should vaccinate her nearly 4 year old daughter. The girl has had no shots to date.

I wrote Loree back and told her to find a good homeopath in her area and obtain a measles nosode (morbillinum) for her daughter if she was concerned.

What is a homeopathic nosode?

According to Dr. Mark Frank, a friend and local homeopath here in Tampa, FL, a nosode is a potentiated dose of the disease in question. Taking a nosode for a specific germ boosts immunity and confers a level of protection from contracting it.

Nontoxic vaccination with nosodes is also sometimes referred to as homeoprophylaxis.

For example, the nosode for flu prevention is oscillococcinum. The nosode for diptheria is diptherinum. The nosode for tuberculosis is tuberculinum and the one for measles is morbillinum.

Use of nosodes is a modern approach to homeopathy not always looked upon favorably by classical homeopaths. These professionals prefer constitutional treatment of the whole person taking into the account the unique characteristics of each individual.  Constitutional treatment of the whole person is certainly important. Use of nosodes for exceptional circumstances also has a valid place in homeopathy.

When to Use Nosodes?

Use of nosodes is particularly useful for traveling overseas. They give protection for short periods like weeks at a time. They can also be used during localized epidemics such as what Loree and her daughter are experiencing in Luxembourg with the measles outbreak in France.

There is no need for nosodes generally speaking, however. You only use them when exposure to a particular germ seems probable or likely.

Hopefully, this knowledge about homeopathic nosodes will provide the level of comfort that some parents on the fence need to refuse shots. There is no need to inject toxic substances to induce inferior, temporary immunity for an illness. This is especially true when there is no current epidemic. This is even more salient considering that nontoxic alternatives such as nosodes exist should an epidemic ever materialize!

Make sure that you consult with a trained homeopath to obtain your nosodes. Self medication even with nontoxic remedies is never a good idea. If the situation warrants a nosode, it also warrants a professional opinion.

You really can skip the shots and still rest easy! Hooray for the gray areas!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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