How Much Raw Milk Does Your Family Drink?

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carafe of raw milk

My family is really going through the raw dairy these days.   I got the idea for this post when we – yet again – ran out of any and all raw dairy a full 24 hours before the next farm delivery.  I even added a whole extra gallon to our order at last pickup and here we are out once more!

Do I run to the store and pick up a half gallon of ultrapasteurized organic milk to tide us over?

No way!  Organic Valley or Horizon organic milk from the store is horrible, health-robbing stuff.  I would never buy it.  It is way better to go without until you are able to get more milk fresh from the farm.

We haven’t always consumed as much as we are now.  It’s just that my oldest is starting puberty and drinking about a quart a day – maybe even more?

My other two kids have all of a sudden gotten into drinking it as well.   I’ve always had to pretty much force them to drink their milk in the past  (you know the drill – drink your milk or no bike ride after dinner or whatever).

Now they are gulping it down and asking for more.

I know this seems like a lot, but at the moment, our family of five is easily going through 4 gallons of grassfed cow milk and 2 gallons of foraging goat milk.

Per week!

Oh, I almost forgot.   Add a half gallon of raw milk yogurt to that.

And 1-3 quarts of raw cream (for raw ice cream of course).  Who can live without ice cream?  We do a lot of milkshakes at our house.

Plus one pound of raw butter.

That’s a lot of full fat dairy for a family of five.  But then again, we don’t buy any sodas, boxed breakfast cereal, and other processed foods so even though the fresh dairy is expensive, it fits within the budget.

Just my opinion, but I would go from two cars to one or move to a smaller house if necessary to afford our raw dairy. You can’t put a price on health.  It is more important than any possession.

“Health is the first wealth” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In light of how much saturated fat my family is consuming, some of you might be thinking that we surely must be a family of large people.

As it turns out, none of us has a weight problem.  It’s really true – eat your whole, unprocessed fats and don’t skimp!  It really does help keep you trim!

How much raw dairy does your family consume?  I want to know and I’m sure others would too!



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