bulgur wheatGrains play a very important role as affordable, easily cultivated staple foods around the world. In Asia, rice is the prominent player. In North America, corn and wheat are king. Middle Eastern countries also rely heavily on wheat, but it isn’t in the form those living in the United States and Canada commonly encounter.

buckwheatBuckwheat is one of my favorite plants. For gardeners, it produces beautiful flowers that attract bees galore! Cultivation also serves as a valuable cover crop for protecting and improving soil. As icing on the cake, it provides a nutrient dense, gluten and grain free food option for people, poultry and other livestock.

John Moody

John Moody is the director of Steader,

rice waterMy first experience with traditional diet occurred in the early 1990’s when my primary care MD at the time introduced me to Ayurvedic cooking. She also utilized a number of Ayurvedic remedies in her practice of which rice water was one of the simplest. 


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

saffron riceIf you want to find out how to make saffron rice, it isn’t too difficult. Numerous recipes are at your fingertips if you do an online search, and they are all basically the same.

This recipe for saffron rice is different because it is made with traditionally prepared rice, which adds several unique and very important benefits. 

sprouting seeds on a spoon compared with soaked flourCareful anthropological study of ancestral societies reveals a surprising truth. Healthy, chronic disease-free traditional cultures who ate grains did so only after careful processing. The methods employed included sprouting, soaking, and/or sour leavening (sourdough). This thoughtful preparation was employed to remove potent anti-nutrients and break down complex food molecules contained in all grains,

storing sourdough starterTraditional foodies know that feeding sourdough starter regularly is necessary to keep it active, bubbly and healthy. What if you are going on vacation or simply need to stop making sourdough bread for awhile, however? Life happens after all! In those cases, it is important to know the protocol for storing sourdough starter properly.

fake sourdough bread at the storeAs awareness of the benefits of sourdough bread increases, so does the potential for food manufacturers – both large and small – to exploit the term.

And exploit it they most certainly do!

I recently examined every single loaf of bread at a local healthfood store. I found only one out of over half a dozen that claimed to be “sourdough”

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