sprouting seeds on a spoon compared with soaked flourCareful anthropological study of ancestral societies reveals a surprising truth. Healthy, chronic disease-free traditional cultures who ate grains did so only after careful processing. The methods employed included sprouting, soaking, and/or sour leavening (sourdough). This thoughtful preparation was employed to remove potent anti-nutrients and break down complex food molecules contained in all grains,

storing sourdough starterTraditional foodies know that feeding sourdough starter regularly is necessary to keep it active, bubbly and healthy. What if you are going on vacation or simply need to stop making sourdough bread for awhile, however? Life happens after all! In those cases, it is important to know the protocol for storing sourdough starter properly.

fake sourdough bread at the storeAs awareness of the benefits of sourdough bread increases, so does the potential for food manufacturers – both large and small – to exploit the term.

And exploit it they most certainly do!

I recently examined every single loaf of bread at a local healthfood store. I found only one out of over half a dozen that claimed to be “sourdough”

sourdough-bread-loavesYeast was first introduced as a substitute for sourdough starter in breadmaking at the court of Louis XIV of France in March 1668. Scientists at the time already knew that this substitution would harm public health by reducing the digestibility and nutritional value of bread. Their counsel resulted in an initial and vehement rejection of the idea.

real Paleo oatmeal

It seems that the eating habits of ancient hunter-gatherers living in Europe prior to the advent of farming was far more sophisticated than previously believed.

The Archaeological Institute of America has recently reported the surprising results of tests conducted by scientists at the University of Florence. The tests involved a stone pestle recovered in the Apulia region of Southern Italy.

finding the best farro to buy_miniFarro is an ancient grain that is rapidly growing in popularity as more people discover that modern wheat varieties extremely high in gluten are difficult to digest. This is especially true if the wheat is not traditionally prepared via sprouting, soaking, or sour leavening.

Unfortunately, there is some confusion about whether farro is truly an unhybridized,

soaked oatmeal with no soaking_miniThose of us with grandparents born prior to World War II may well remember that they made a practice of soaking oats in a pot of warm water overnight before cooking it up the next morning.

In fact, prior to the 1950’s, Quaker Oats used to include an overnight soak in the instructions printed on the box!

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