lowfat dressing is the worstThere is nothing quite as refreshing and delicious as a beautiful bowl of organic salad.  Perhaps the vegetables are freshly picked from your own garden or sourced from a CSA or farmer’s market. While there is no doubt that salads, particularly organic, are a healthy complement to just about any meal, it may surprise you to learn that you won’t be absorbing many of the vitamins and minerals if you choose lowfat dressing.

sweet and sour sauce recipe, homemade sweet and sour sauceWant to take a very decisive step toward health?

Ditch those MSG, rancid vegetable oil, additive filled dressings and sauces from the store and start making your own!

No bottled sauces or dressings compare to the flavor and quality of homemade salad dressings and sauces – even the organic brands.

homemade gravyMaking homemade gravy is arguably one of the most important tasks when creating a delicious holiday meal for your family. With Thanksgiving upon us soon, I thought it would be helpful to show how to make gravy the traditional way with using all the mineral rich drippings.

My husband, Richard, is the chief gravy maker in our home and he is incredible at it!  

honey mustard salad dressing, maple salad dressing recipeSometimes in our quest for better health, we can forget how important the basics can be.  In this recipe plus video demo below, I show you how to make your own salad dressing quickly and easily in your own kitchen.

Store salad dressings – even organic ones at the healthfood store –

Homemade mayonnaise with ingredientsThe topic covered in this article is how to make REAL homemade mayonnaise. No junky ingredients like soy or canola oil in this recipe (do some people STILL think canola is a healthy oil? Have they been living under a rock or something?).

I’m certainly no pro in front of the camera and this clip could have used some serious professional editing,

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