Butter Has Indeed Been Framed

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Surprise, surprise!

Reuters has published an article that cites a “new” study that shows no link between saturated fat and heart disease! Of course there is no clear link between saturated fat and heart disease.

There never was any link in the first place .. the research has either been mistakenly or intentionally misinterpreted since the 1950’s (my bet is on intentional misrepresentation given the amount of money the edible oil industry has made in the past few decades by demonizing butter, eggs, and other saturated fat sources).

See my article The Untold Story of Butter for more details.

My diet is about 50-60% saturated fat on any given day, and I’m the same weight at 45 years old as the day I graduated high school. If I followed the recommendations to reduce my saturated fat to next to nil, I would weigh about 40 lbs more easily – maybe more. I’d probably have all kinds of hormonal issues too. Glad I didn’t pay any attention to those ridiculous recommendations over the years to avoid saturated fat. Hope you aren’t paying attention either.

The only way to know the truth about what to eat these days is to look backwards at what our ancestors ate when there weren’t many overweight people and degenerative disease didn’t exist. Eat this way, and you are sure not to be scammed by the media messages that say one thing in one decade and the opposite the next. Oh, by the way, I eat ALL the fat around my steaks too .. just like Grandpa the butcher who lived to be 97.

Lean meat is for sissies … and sick people.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

Source:  Study Fails to Link Saturated Fat and Heart Disease

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