Behind the Scenes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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180 Radio

I recently had a chance to talk with Matt Stone of 180 Radio about my appearance last month on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart which airs on the Comedy Channel.

I’ve gotten to know Matt in the last little while –  he now calls West Central Florida home too!

The hilarious satire about parents who choose not to vaccinate was aired in early June 2014 and elicited a wide variety of reactions from viewers around the country.

If you’d like to hear the inside scoop of what really happened at the Daily Show, what goes on behind the scenes when making one of these comedic sketches as well as my personal story of research regarding the vaccination issue and why my husband and I decided to opt out back in 1997 (there was no google then!), you can listen in or download the audio here.

Hope you enjoy it!

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