An Airport Terminal With Real Food?

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Richard Branson has done it again.  The pioneering entrepreneur who purportedly offered William Shatner of Star Trek fame a free ride on the inaugural space flight of Virgin Galactic has a brand spanking new, “break the mold” style terminal for Virgin Airlines in San Francisco airport.

The biggest surprise?  The $383 million terminal does not feature the headache and indigestion inducing fast food joints typical of most airport eateries.

Indeed, three quarters of the restaurants and retailers in the SFO Virgin terminal are – gasp – LOCAL!

Vendors serving food are being asked by terminal management to serve organic and locally sourced ingredients. Cage free eggs, Fair Trade coffee and non-hydrogenated oils are also encouraged.

Water filling stations are readily available to discourage the wasteful practice of using plastic water bottles and vendors selling bottled water are encouraged to utilize brands with compostable containers.

Customers finished with their meal will be invited to compost food leftovers and recycle containers at stations planned for addition to the communal dining area, although customers uncomfortable with the ins and outs of green living will have the typical garbage bins available as well.

Mmmm, wonder if I can re-route my next trip to the West Coast so that any required layovers occur at SFO right about mealtime?

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Source: Virgin’s Airport Terminal of the Future

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