sprouting seeds on a spoon compared with soaked flourCareful anthropological study of ancestral societies reveals a surprising truth. Healthy, chronic disease-free traditional cultures who ate grains did so only after careful processing. The methods employed included sprouting, soaking, and/or sour leavening (sourdough). This thoughtful preparation was employed to remove potent anti-nutrients and break down complex food molecules contained in all grains,

saturated fat prevents hair lossPeople today are experiencing hair loss at a rate not seen by previous generations. Even children are starting to lose their hair, especially young boys. Some of us can probably remember a friend who started experiencing a receding hair line while still in high school. In recent years, the problem has gotten much worse,

wild rice benefitsImagine a nutrient dense, traditional food that is equal to pastured meats but is completely storable for many years without refrigeration or freezing required. Seems hard to believe, but this humble food known simply as wild rice is surprisingly not technically grain at all, but a traditional grass based food native to both North America and Asia.

flea control without chemicalsResolving a flea infestation in your home with natural, nontoxic methods is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Preventing and controlling fleas directly on your pet is another matter entirely. The difficulties of successful flea control for cats and dogs on a consistent basis is why most people resort to direct application of pesticides or oral flea medications.

storing sourdough starterTraditional foodies know that feeding sourdough starter regularly is necessary to keep it active, bubbly and healthy. What if you are going on vacation or simply need to stop making sourdough bread for awhile, however? Life happens after all! In those cases, it is important to know the protocol for storing sourdough starter properly.

grapeseed oil in a bottleGrapeseed oil is a popular cooking oil today that is manufactured via extraction from the seeds/pits of grapes. It is touted as a heart healthy fat and is attractively presented in dark bottles in gourmet shops and healthfood stores to lure choosy consumers.

Check out the alluring packaging in the photo above.

red sauce over quinoa pastaThere is no doubt that making your own red sauce with fresh, preferably heirloom tomatoes is best.

What to do when fresh tomatoes are out of season? Or, you need homemade marinara in a hurry and don’t have time to run to the store or farmer’s market?

In those instances,

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