fake sourdough bread at the storeAs awareness of the benefits of sourdough bread increases, so does the potential for food manufacturers – both large and small – to exploit the term.

And exploit it they most certainly do!

I recently examined every single loaf of bread at a local healthfood store. I found only one out of over half a dozen that claimed to be “sourdough”

key limes for key lime pieKey lime pie is one of my family’s all time favorite desserts. Making it conventionally is a surefire way to risk a nasty cold or sinus infection though. The reason is the sweetened condensed milk that is a key ingredient of this dish. It is one of the most allergenic and unhealthy processed foods on the market!

brewers yeast in a bowlNutritional or brewers yeast is a popular supplement today, particularly among vegetarians. It is an excellent source of B vitamins and can be high in the minerals selenium or chromium depending on how it is processed.

Brewers yeast was originally discovered when people realized that the leftover sludge from beer making actually contained nutritional value for both people and livestock.

abbysI am excited to share that I am scheduled for a speaking engagement at Abby’s Health and Nutrition in Tampa, Florida on January 16, 2017 from 7-9pm.

This free seminar will cover the critical importance of healthy fats in the diet – especially for growing children. The discussion will segue into an in-depth look at how to keep your children off antibiotics for good.

greek yogurt from regularGreek yogurt is the latest “it” food, and for once, the positive reputation is well deserved! When properly made, it is a good source of protein and probiotics, although Greek yogurt compared to regular yogurt is a lower source of minerals. This is the nutritional effect of removing most of the mineral-rich whey,

arrowroot flour in a bowlIn recent years, a surge of options has emerged for those looking for alternatives to grain based flours and thickeners, particularly those made with wheat or GMO corn. Once expensive and hard to find, dozens of gluten free flours are now easily sourced. Of the numerous choices available, arrowroot is among the most popular due to its versatility and impressive nutritional profile.

chocolate cookie pie crustI consider a chocolate cookie pie crust essential for making certain types of confections. In particular, key lime pie and cream pies turn out absolutely delicious using this type of pastry crust.

I used to purchase an organic chocolate cookie crust that was made with palm oil.

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