varicella vaccine
By Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH, PhD

Raise your hand if you’re in a secret Facebook group looking to find a chickenpox party.

How many of you remember a time when it didn’t need to be a secret? The concept is as old as the hills. Find a child with varicella,

bog butter secretsOne of the most frequent questions I get about my video and article on making butter is this:  “How long does it keep?”

How’s 5,000 years or so sound to you?

While this may seem like a joke, it truly is no exaggeration when it comes to ancient bog butter.

glyphosate sprayingPre-harvest application of herbicides as a (toxic) drying agent on wheat is an established practice on many conventional farms. The method was first suggested as early as 1980, becoming routine in North America over the past 15 years or so. Use is also widespread in the UK.

Applying herbicides like Roundup 7-10 days before harvest is viewed as especially helpful for wheat that ripens unevenly,

veganic benefits versus organic foodLately, I’ve noticed a growing number of products at the healthfood store that are labeled veganic. Maybe you’ve noticed the same thing.

I’ve never heard of that term before until recently. As a result, I decided to dig in and figure out what this new trend is all about.

My first question was this: Is veganic food healthier,

bacterial cellulose in kombucha scobyAnyone who has ever brewed kombucha tea knows that the bacterial cellulose that makes up the spongy SCOBY culture is some pretty strong stuff.

The material is so strong and flexible that green leaning fashion designers sometimes use it to make kombucha based clothing! In essence,

The courts recently dealt Monsanto another huge set back despite a massive media campaign to shake off claims that its products cause cancer.

TV images of contented suburbanites happily spraying Roundup around their homes with children playing nearby are doing little to assuage growing concern that glyphosate,

water crystals in a flower boxDo you love plants but have a difficult time keeping them alive? If so, you need to know about water crystals!

Also called hydro crystals or water gel, these tiny particles are the key to enjoying the health benefits of air filtering plants around the home without the worry of killing them due to improper watering.

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