hpv vaccine Gardasil and premature menopauseThe American College of Pediatricians has taken the extreme and possibly unprecedented step of releasing a disturbing statement (January 2016) outlining its legitimate concerns about the safety of the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix.

The purpose of the statement is so that “individuals considering the use of human papillomavirus vaccines could be made aware of these concerns pending further action by the regulatory agencies and manufacturers.”

FPIES warningIf we truly understood the nitty-gritty details of what being a parent would involve …

… how many of us would sign up?

Raising “normal” children to adulthood is worthy enough of sainthood, but add to that a child with special needs and you will find some of the toughest,

freezing raw milk and dairy

I’ve coordinated a large buying club which supports several local dairy farms for the past 12 or so years. During that time, I’ve answered all manner of questions on freezing milk and proper use, storage, and fermentation of dairy products both pasteurized and fresh from the cow (or goat).

It’s exciting to witness an ever-increasing number of people seeking to source food locally.

best mattress for healthy sleepIn 2014, I wrote about how I switched the mattresses in my home to intelliBED in order to finally go green in our bedrooms after years of procrastination. This post generated quite a few emails from those who felt that the best mattress for nontoxic sleep surely must be organic. The emails suggested that organic mattresses are in fact the healthiest choice for optimal sleep and the environment,

master cleanse ingredientsThe first time I heard about the Master Cleanse (not to be confused with the Master Tonic) was while sitting on a bench at a playground over ten years ago. My oldest child was in Preschool at the time, and one of the Moms there was ecstatically describing to me how she wanted to try the Lemonade Diet,

niacin flush symptomsA common story I am told when someone first tries homemade kombucha is that they sometimes experience flushed cheeks and get a bit tingly or lightheaded. This temporary sensation, called a niacin flush, usually lasts less than ten minutes. It is triggered by the extremely bioavailable and rapidly absorbed niacin (Vitamin B3) into the bloodstream.

wise traditions podcast

Exciting news!  The Weston A. Price Foundation has just launched a free weekly podcast!

The podcast is called Wise Traditions, and its objective is to uncover practical tips from the past for optimal health today. Wise Traditions will cover a wide range of topics related to traditional diet and holistic wellness.

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