first olive oil toasting

Have you ever wondered what the food factories of the future will look like?

It seems clear at least to me that the food processing methods of today are not only unsustainable for the planet, but also unsustainable for the consumer from a health point of view.

The culinary wisdom of the past has been all but lost in dispassionate,

raw milk machines

Raw, unpasteurized milk directly from the cow is considered a dangerous food in the United States and Canada. Yet, all across Europe, this probiotic and enzyme rich traditional food that has nourished humans for millenia is available via vending machines that conveniently dispense its healthful freshness from stainless steel refrigerators.

eczema and dietDid you know that October is National Eczema Awareness Month? To celebrate, The Eczema Company has collaborated with Kyle Dine to create The Eczema Song in support of all the amazing, strong children who don’t let eczema define them.

Watch, smile, and be inspired! Then continue reading to learn about the eczema and diet connection,

real Paleo oatmeal

It seems that the eating habits of ancient hunter-gatherers living in Europe prior to the advent of farming was far more sophisticated than previously believed.

The Archaeological Institute of America has recently reported the surprising results of tests conducted by scientists at the University of Florence. The tests involved a stone pestle recovered in the Apulia region of Southern Italy.

probiotic strains are not created equalImagine you are at the doctor’s office for help with a specific health concern. After a full examination, your doctor pulls out a prescription pad to write you a script for – gasp – a probiotic strain.

The prescription is handed to you, and you take a look at it.  

skin icing for healthier younger looking skinGrowing up as a runner, I remember very clearly when I would train in the winter through rain, hail and even storms. Although this was painful, not to mention super uncomfortable, the one thing I would always look forward to was how my skin looked upon completion. I know this sounds crazy, but when you grow up having acne (even into your adult life),

get rid of bed bugs naturallyWhen I was a child, bed bugs were considered to be a rather disgusting nuisance written about in classic novels that no longer existed anywhere in the modern world.

The truth is that humans and bloodsucking bed bugs made strange but regular bedfellows for centuries until shortly after World War II when strong pesticides like DDT and chlordane came into widespread use.

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