ten immunity killers

When I was in elementary school several decades ago, there might have been 1 or 2 children in the entire school of several hundred who had an allergy, and it was usually to peanuts. I never even heard of a wheat or dairy allergy. Gluten free? Huh?

I think many adults could share a similar story.

kitchari porridgeThe small, locally owned health food store where I have shopped for nearly 20 years has a wonderful deli and juice bar. It is a huge favorite of the locals. I frequently drop in to see what homemade soups are available on the hot bar. My family consumes so much homemade soup and nourishing bone broth each week that I sometimes find it difficult to keep up.

new zealand approves raw milk sales

Bowing to strong public pressure about the right to buy and drink raw milk, the New Zealand government has unveiled new rules which permit farmers to sell this most basic, probiotic rich and nutritious of foods directly to consumers.

Direct farm sales include home deliveries of raw milk to both rural and urban consumers,

soil based probioticsThe use of fermented foods by ancestral cultures to preserve food, enhance nutritional value, and protect health goes back thousands of years and spans the globe. The practice served to significantly bolster immunity and increase the longevity of traditional societies. Consumption of these probiotic rich foods introduced a constant stream of beneficial bacteria into the gut on a daily basis.

whole food produce rating system

I don’t shop at Whole Foods much, as I prefer to spend as many of my food dollars with local businesses and farms as possible. I do applaud Whole Foods’ efforts to showcase locally produced items, however, which is why I do stop in to pick up produce that might be available on a seasonal basis.

save scoby from fruit fliesThe fruit flies are really a challenge in my neck of the woods this year. They seem much more prevalent than in any years past that I remember. Fruit flies love, and I mean looove, kombucha and its cousin made with honey, Jun tea, also called kombucha champagne.

chocolate chip cookie cakeIt is very concerning to me how much chocolate children consume today. It seems that chocolate has become a regular feature in the modern diet with many children consuming it on a daily basis. What’s more, some adults seem to think it’s ok to push it on children which contributes greatly to the problem encouraging the potential development of chocolate addiction later.

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