doctor approved eczema treatmentEczema is one of the most common skin conditions in the world with at least 31.6 million sufferers in the United States alone. Ironically, despite the high prevalence of this disease, there is a persistent lack of effective eczema treatment for moderate to severe cases.

Among children, the prevalence of eczema is roughly 11% and as high as 18.1% in individual states.

new organic patio garden box

Need a little help with the Spring garden? Help has arrived!

My new friends at Florida Urban Organic Farm recently installed this gorgeous new garden box in the picture above in our backyard!  The rain barrel irrigation system will be installed this week.

The best part?  Owners Cody and Kimberly Haberman will be planting the heirloom seedlings of my choice in the coming days and maintaining the garden box for me throughout the growing season!


$250,000 pathetic, measly dollars.

That’s it.  That’s all you get if your baby dies of SIDS or any other condition triggered by a vaccine reaction and you are awarded full and maximum compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

No, you can’t sue. You have no ability to seek further damages with a court trial.

night blindness while drivingMy husband and I recently decided to bite the bullet and convert our old family videotapes to digital format. These tapes were sitting uselessly in a cabinet collecting dust because we no longer had a machine that could play them. This was no small (or cheap) task since over 80 hours of footage required converting!

starving child_mini

In case you were wondering just how out of control things have gotten as a result of the one-sided, astroturfed media feeding frenzy in recent weeks targeting the unvaccinated, here is one for the record books.

Welcome to 1935 Germany 2015 America. Will the unvaccinated be forced to wear the modern equivalent of a yellow Star of David at some point in the near future?

soy lecithin good or badIf you are an avid label reader like I am, you have surely noticed that the additive soy lecithin is listed in a wide variety of packaged and processed foods. Even products labeled 100% organic frequently contain it.

Soy, called soya outside the United States, is one of the most common allergens permeating our food supply. 

healthiest best bone brothHave you ever wondered if all bone broth is the same or if one in particular is the healthiest and best bone broth of all? If so, this article should help clarify this for you!

Most people would agree with the old adage that chicken soup is good for the soul as well as for colds and flu.

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