Isn’t Your Baby’s Life Worth More Than $250,000?

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$250,000 pathetic, measly dollars.

That’s it.  That’s all you get if your baby dies of SIDS or any other condition triggered by a vaccine reaction and you are awarded full and maximum compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

No, you can’t sue. You have no ability to seek further damages with a court trial. Congress has seen to that with the National Vaccine Injury Act passed in 1986 which gives vaccine manufacturers complete immunity for any and all harm caused by their products.

What’s more is that you’ll never get an apology.  You’ll never get admission of guilt.  You’ll never get anyone, any company or any institution to take the blame and say they are terribly sorry for for the tragedy and your never ending emotional pain.

All you get is a check.  Bye.  Go home.  Try to move on and live your life without your darling baby.

Here is the story of 4 month old Vance Vernon Walker.

Two days after little Vance’s 4 month “well baby” visit in September 2007 where he received all the routine innoculations, he was found by his mother Shelley not breathing in his crib.

Blood was crusted under his eyes and a dark bloody foam was coming out of his mouth.  There was so much bloody foam coming out of his mouth that his clothes and teddy bear were soaked with it.

An autopsy pronounced his death as SIDS, but his mother knew better.

She knew it was the vaccines.  She had worked for several years at a local healthfood store and had been exposed to the vaccine controversy by many customers hoping to convince her of the danger.  It had never occurred to her, however, that vaccines could actually kill her child.

In a true SIDS death, a child inexplicably stops breathing with no sort of trauma, but in Vance’s case, there was blood coming out of his eyes and mouth.

Clearly, there was some sort of internal bleeding and damage that occurred prior to baby Vance’s death.  This death was much more than just SIDS and such a backhanded autopsy report seems an insult to anyone with a shred of intelligence.

Here’s what Vance received 2 days before his death at the pediatrician’s office:

  • A shot of Pediarix, a 5-in-1 shot for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and 3 strains of polio
  • A shot of Prevnar, consisting of seven pneumococcal viruses plus diphtheria toxoid
  • Rotateq, the new rotavirus vaccine given orally which contains four viruses associated with infant diarrhea.

In less than 15 minutes, Vance had been injected with or taken orally 19 different pathogens!

Complete and utter insanity.

What’s more striking is that Vance’s family lives in northern Idaho and within just a few weeks of Vance’s death, 2 other baby boys died of SIDS also within days of their 4 month vaccinations.

A cluster of SIDS deaths where the deaths occurred right after the babies’ 4 month shots attracted local media attention, which, to its credit, did an outstanding job covering the story in a unbiased fashion.

Vance’s parents have since filed for compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which only awards $250,000 at best with no admission of guilt.

And Shelley and her husband have to live with their decision to trust their doctor who injected 19 different pathogens into their baby in a matter of minutes and insisted they were safe.

Shelley’s message to other parents considering vaccinating their own babies:

“I hope and pray that this tragedy never occurs in your family. With the knowledge I have acquired since his death I can firmly say that I will never vaccinate a child under the age of 24 months again, if at all. I lacked knowledge to make the best choice. I hope this empowers you to combat the darkness and seek the knowledge necessary to make the best decision.”

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist



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